Our Arab ex-Qadiani friends have recently published a report wherein it is explained how the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Egypt has kicked out a few prominent Ahmadi’s. Read about the full history of the Ahmadiyya jamaat in Egypt herein. The President of the Egypt Jamaat is Hatim Alshafi. He was ordered to kick these people out of the jamaat per the Khalifa.

Who was kicked out? 

Muhammad arafa, nicknamed Hamid Kawthar. one of the old Ahmadis in egypt; has been defrocked from the jamaat recently together with some other ones.

The group in egypt is breaking down.

Seven Ahmadis have been defrocked from the jamaat in egypt. As they disagreed with their Amir in egypt. The names:
محمد عرفة Muhammad Arafat
اسامة عثمان Ossama Othman
خالد عزت Khaled Izat
حسنى صبيح Hossni sobih
محمد بكر Muhammad bakr
ابراهيم خشبة Ibrahim khachba
سيد طنطاوى sayed Tantawi

The amir of the jamaat in egypt announcing that they defrocked muhammad arafa and dr. Osman oussama

_____________________________________________________________________________________________This man was an Ahmadi from what he said. He used to believe the prophethood of mirza; he did what he called istikhara and he received the lights to believe in Al-bahaa too. Now he is invting Ahmadiyya to believe Al-bahaa too!

May be an image of ‎1 person and ‎text that says '‎وجاء من اقصي المدينة رجل يسعي قآل ياقوم اتبعوا المرسلين محمد سالم (ساعي یس‎'‎‎
The page of mohammad arafa nicknamed hamid kawthar

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