This entire entry was taken from the islam/ahmadiyya reddit forum. Like me, this kid read about the split, and the Lahori-Ahmadi’s and found them to be more rational and the #qadianis as uneducated mullahs. He also says that the Mirza family doesn’t care about Ahmadi’s that suffer, they are here to take money from people.
The story

I was born in Pakistan but we moved both my matural and patarnal sides are from line of companions of MGA my parents had me listen to the 4th caliph mirza Tahir Ahmad Q&A tapes my father held postions in a few european countries which enabled him to convert hundreds of people he refused the responsibility of national secretary tabligh UK due to personal issues contributes all his Chanda and expected me to follow suite of which I did as was born as a waqfe Nau but I rejected going to Jamia at 16 instead I chose Uni I have volunteered in numerous schemes within the jammat also i have given security duty jalsa salana and Baitul Mubarak and I’ve had mulakat with KM5 he named my brother and offers chocolates and pens on the mulakat I’m currently an officebearer and my parents had me subscribed to the review of religions every month my qiadat holds general meetings local, regional and annuals ijtemas I read the English Translation of the Holy Quran by Maulana Sher Ali I have read biographies of the promised messiah such as by Ian Adamson and Dr. Aziz Ahmad Chaudhry I have read books by the promised messiah such as misconception removed and jesus in India.

and I’ve read about Piggott, who claimed to be the second coming, but he died much later after the prophecy made but MGA that said he would die in his lifetime; one of the creepiest things I’ve heard is that the jamaat mosque in Glasgow used to be freemasons, Lodge. I know about the late Asad Shah, whose death was exploited by our Jammat, my great uncle, who is a retired Lawyer and haji who has explained to my mother the jamaat mistakes in the English Translation and mentions of his travels in Rabwah and Qadian and Kababir I’ve visited many times baitul futuh as that’s where the offices are also, in my local mosque in which was inaugurated by KM5, we’ve had talks by his son who was sadr Khudam now is for Ansar, the imam of fazl mosque Attaul mujeeb Rashid sahib who was private secretary to 4th caliph and Amir UK Rafeek Hayat along with various members of sadr majlis, Amila also guests such as Abdus Salam, son and he showed us a Netflix film about his father and ask questions

I have written to KM5 in Atfal class and prayed behind him in fajr and Jummahs, I was aware of prominent ex Ahmadis such as Nabeel Qureshi and Farhan Qureshi, but I never took them seriously, but when I watched Farhan Qureshi interview with Sarmad Ahmed that increased my doubts then a friend from Canada wrote a testimonial of leaving the jamaat he explained why the Lahori were more rational and had a better understanding of the Seal of the prophets and what as the real reason behind the split, and he began describing how the Qadiani branch uses mental gymnastics; he also introduced me to a blog called reason on Faith where the Piggot prophecy was clearly explained and a comparison Antman verses in the Quran, I later found out the author of the blog had discussions with the Nassar Brothers of whose channel rational religion of which I was an avid listener

Then my friend told me that one of the converts who was interviewed on Ahmadi Answers was closeted, so I decided to talk to them, and that’s when they explained to me the jamaat just sugarcoats Islam and turns everything metaphorical, and also they told me how the prophet isn’t who is painted out to be they told me a hadith which said Muhammad said he is a mercy for humanity with a sword and is a smiling slaughter which I couldn’t believe he would say such a The thing then, my friend introduced me to Hassan Radwan story of which really Affected me. because he worked in Yusuf Islam school, and I was inspired by Yusuf conversion story that to find out someone who he hired to teach his kids had doubts about Islam, so that hit the nail and Radwan felt genuine in his story, so I watched all his videos and read his blog and book. When began to understand that an infinite hell is unjustifiable for a God who calls himself most merciful.

here are a few books which I recommend -far from the caliph’s Gaze -my ordeal with the Quran and the god in the Quran -Nuzhat Haneef book, which can be found on reason on Faith blog
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