In 1895, MGA and his team of writers decided to start a quarterly journal and named it “Nurul-Qur’an” (The Light of the Holy Qur’an). The first number was issued in June of 1895 and covered the time frame of June, July, and August of 1895. It was published in June of 1895 (see Dard) from The Diya’ul-Islam Press, Qadian, the magazine was discontinued altogether after the publishing of the second number.

Nurul-Qur’an (Number II) was published on December 20th, 1895 (see Dard), it was priced at 8 annas and covered about eighty pages in Urdu (Curiously, the new Qadiani-Ahmadi translation of this book allleges that it was published in 1899). It was published from Qadian. You can listen to it as an audio book herein.

It seems to be about Fateh Masih and how MGA considered it OK to cuss at any Christian who spoke about Muhammad (saw) in a derogatory way. However, the reality was that only MGA was allowed to do this, Muslims were too scared that the colonist would come and kill them for behaving as such. Further, MGA was looking to get street credibility from Muslims, as a puppet of the colonists, whereas behind the scenes, the colonists were helping MGA in all of his pursuits.

MGA went to on to abuse the god of Christians (Jesus) and even Eisa (As) of the Quran and his mother. He claims to have done this in response to Christians accusing Muhammad (Saw), of committing adultery, basically about Muhammad (saw) having more than 4 wives and etc. However, in the USA, Christians accuse Muhammad (Saw) as such daily, and #ahmadis don’t respond in kind. Thus, it was ploy, MGA was working in cahoots with the Christian missionaries and the British government, as MGA was establishing street credibility. The British wanted Muslims on India to trust and listen to MGA.
Preface of the book, see Hidden Treasures

“””We are sorry to have declared that this issue of the Nurul-Qur’an has been published in reply to a man who, instead of observing decency, used abusive language with regard to our master, the Holy Prophetsa and on account of his own foul nature, he has, through clear fabrication, heaped such slanders upon the head of a leader and a pure hearted person, that one shudders to hear them. Hence, we have had to retort in defence only to stop people doing this.

The Christians have presented such a Yasu‘(Jesus) who claims divinity and with his own exception he regards everyone (Prophet) from the first to the last as accursed and he found them of committing evil acts as are punishable with condemnation. The Holy Quran has not informed us of such a rude and foul-mouthed Yasu‘ and we were amazed at his character.

Yasu‘, who himself claims to be God and those who are thousand times better than him, abuses them profusely. So in our writing wherever we referred to Yasu‘ is the one presented by Christians and this absolutely did not refer to Jesus son of Mary who is respectfully mentioned in the Holy Quran. We adopted this course after listening to an unceasing flow of vituperation and abuses of Christian missionaries. As a matter of reality, Christian missionaries have
surpassed all norms of decency in their books, which are packed with vituperation and filthy abuses against the Holy Prophet and Islam.”””
(NuruI Quran, No.2)(See Truth about Ahmadiyyat by
B. A. Rafiq, online version,, Retrieved on 6-25-19).  

“”””I declare it with regret that we have had to issue this number of the Nurul Quran in answer to a person who, instead of adopting a civil method, has had recourse to vile abuse of our lord and master the Holy Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, and out of his vileness he has uttered such calumnies against that Leader of the pure and Chief of the righteous, that the heart of a pious one trembles at hearing them. This reply is a refutation of the utterers of such abuse. We wish to declare that our belief concerning the Messiah, peace be upon him, is a very good belief and that we have sincere faith in that he Was a true Prophet of God and was loved by Him.””””
(Nurul Quran, No.2)(See Truth about Ahmadiyyat by B. A. Rafiq, online version,, Retrieved on 6-25-19). 

“””Padre Fateh Masih of Fateh Garh, District Gurdaspur, has addressed a vile letter to me in which he has charged our lord and master Muhammad Mustafa, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, with adultery and has, besides this, uttered vile abuse of him. I have, therefore, considered it necessary to reply to it and hence this booklet. I trust the Christian padres will study it carefully and will not be aggrieved at its language as the tone that has been adopted in it is in consequence of the harsh language and vile abuse employed by Mian Fateh Masih, Yet, it is necessary to uphold the holy station of the true Messiah, peace be on him. In reply to the harsh language of Fateh Masih, a fictitious Jesus has been portrayed and that also under great compulsion for this foolish one has abused the Holy Prophet peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, in a vile manner and has wounded our hearts.”””
Nurul-Qur’an (Number II), An Important Note for the Reader, pp. 1-2, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, pp. 374-375, via Hidden Treasures

“””…The Quran has not informed us of such an impertinent and foul-mouthed Yasu‘. We wonder very much at the person who himself laid claim to divinity and abused such pure people as were with him. So in our discourse we mean everywhere the imaginary Jesus of the Christians and not the humble servant of God, as mentioned in the Holy Quran, ‘Isa Ibn Maryam who was a Prophet and who, as mentioned in the Holy Quran, is not at all meant, nor intended to be addressed in these harsh words. We have adopted this form after continuously listening to abuses from Christian missionaries for no less than 40 years.”””
(Nurul Quran, No.2)(See Truth about Ahmadiyyat by
B. A. Rafiq, online version,, Retrieved on 6-25-19).  

“”””I desire to make it clear to the readers that my faith in Hazrat Masih, peace be on him, is a very good faith. I believe sincerely that he was a true prophet of God and was loved by Him and I believe that, as indicated by the Holy Quran, he had, as a means of his salvation, perfect faith in our lord and master, Muhammad Mustafa, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him. He was one of the sincere servants of the law of Moses. I respect him according to his station. But the Jesus who is presented by the Christians, who claimed to be God and condemned everyone else except himself, both those who had gone before and who were to come after, as accursed, as having been guilty of vices the recompense of which is a curse, is regarded by us as deprived of Divine mercy. The Holy Quran makes no reference to this impertinent and foul-mouthed Jesus. We are surprised at the conduct of one who considered that God was subject to death and himself claimed to be God and who reviled such righteous ones as were thousand times better than him. In our writings we have had this fictitious Jesus of the Christians in mind. The humble servant of God, Isa, son of Mary, who was a Prophet and is mentioned in the Holy Quran, is not the object of our harsh condemnations. We have had to adopt this method after having endured for forty years the abuse of the Holy Prophet, peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, by the Christian missionaries.”””
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Nurul Quran, No.2, Ruhani Khazain, V.9, pp.377-378

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad on Aisha (ra) and child marriage

“With reference to Hazrat ‘A’ishah’sra age on her wedding ceremony, it has been written that she was 9 years of age. Firstly, there is no evidence that the Holy Prophetsa stated this, nor had there been any revelation in regards to this. Nor is it substantiated from the Akbaar-e-Mutawaatirah, [Saying of the Prophet Muhmmadsa reported by a large number of people] that she was certainly 9 years. It has only been taken from one narrator. The Arab people did not keep birth certificates because they were unlettered and in view of their circumstances, a difference of two or three years is normal. Even in our country, many illiterate people cannot tell the difference between a couple of years. Moreover, if hypothetically, we were even to accept this, after having calculated each and every day, that she was in fact 9 years old; even then no intelligent person could object – research doctors have come to agree upon that girls can attain maturity even at the age of 9; in fact, they can even have children at the age of 7. And doctors have proven this through major observations. Many hundreds have witnessed with their own eyes that in this country 9 year old girls have had children.””
Nurul-Qur’an, Part II, p. 33, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 408, via Hidden Treasures

“””The Holy Quran has cursed the liars and it adds that liars are companions of Satan. Liars are also dishonest…Satan also engulfs the liars .The Holy Quran does not only command that do not indulge in lying but also do not sit among the company of liars and do not befriend them .Fear God and keep the company of truthful. It is stated further, when ever you speak, speak the truth and do not say a lie even in jest. Now be frank, and tell where is this teaching in the Bible. Had there been such a teaching then how among the Christians absurd practices of April Fool have come into existence and these continue up to now. See how absurd is this practice, it is taken as a sign of politeness.”””
Ruhani khazyian – 9- / page 420-/ Noor Ul Quran 2

Summary of this quote:

MGA is talking about “wudhu” (ablution) in the start and the philosophy that either sins can be forgiven by “wudhu” or not.  While talking about “wudhu” he forgets to mention the forehead, while he mentions that “wudhu” is only cleaning of face, feet and hands. The cleaning (massah) of forehead is a obligatory part which MGA didn’t mentioned. He specifically used the word “only”. In urdu, it would be “SIRF”.

[Mi‘yarul-Madhahib, p. 25 footnote, attached to Nurul-Qur’an, printed in April 1896, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 9, p. 483 footnote], via Tadhkirah

“””I remember that about thirty-four or so years ago, I saw in my dream that the ugly and dark figure of Satan was standing somewhere. First, he turned to me and I slapped him on the face and said: ‘Avaunt Satan, you have no part in me.’ Then he turned to someone else and took him
along. I knew that person. Then I woke up.

On the same day, or shortly thereafter, the person whom I had seen in my dream that Satan had taken away, had an attack of epilepsy and became one of its victims. This led me to conclude that the interpretation of the companionship of Satan was epilepsy.””
Roohani Khazain, Vol. 9, P. 50

“This has never happened and absolutely never happened, except in my time, since the beginning of universe till now, that lunar and solar eclipse had gathered in the month of Ramadhan in such a manner that some claimant of messengership or prophethood or muhaddathiyat (one who converse with God) had also been present.”
Roohani Khazain, Vol. 9, P. 84

“Combination of lunar and solar eclipse in Ramadhan has never taken place in the time of any Prophet or Messenger or muhaddith and since the birth of universe during the time of any claimant of messengership or prophethood or muhaddithiyat lunar and solar has never combined. Combination of Lunar and Solar eclipse and Mahdi is an unnatural phenomenon.” 
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