In Razi’s response to ReasonOnFaith at 7:19, the full video can be found here. Razi tries to say that one who uses their logic and reason alone will not find the true religion. Him and Ahmadi Muslims in general put a special emphasis on “personal experience”. Little do they know, the concept of personal experience with a “god” is not proven at all, people of all religions claim to have witnessed miracles, prayers answered, which they attributed to their God’s.

So Razi’s position here is extremely weak and he admits that our human reasoning cannot lead us to God logically. Rather we have to pray for “40 days” and do tahajjud as well in order to “experience” the Ahmadi God. What Razi explained was said by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad, i.e., that logic alone cannot get you to God.

Classically, the Muslims justified the Deen through ‘Aql (intellect) and naql (texts – ie, Qur’an, documented hadith). Saying reason leads to “not Islam” is absurd and should make one question their commitment to their religion

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