In 1965, the Lahori-Ahmadi’s told the world about an incident of rape by Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud from 1905, when he was only 16 and married (See Faruqi). See the scans in the below, they come from a book about the life of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad from the 1940’s, in this book, they tried to explain away the entire issue as a mis-understanding. However, deeper research tells us that the daughter who was raped was that of Qazi Muhammad Zahuruddin Akmal (unconfirmed). This incident seems to be nail in the coffin which proved to all #ahmadis that he was not the Musleh Maud.

The Highschool/middle school was started in Qadian in 1898, Mahmud Ahmad entered as a student. Mahmud Ahmad was married at the age of 11-12 (1900-1901 era), he had lots of support from home, Noorudin worked around the clock to help him and other Ahmadi-mullahs would tutor him as needed. Even when he failed, the corrupt Ahmadi mullahs, Sher Ali and Mufti Sadiq would pass him. Nonetheless, he was a terrible student as a matter of fact, he would go on to fail his matriculation examination at the age of 15 and was thus done with all studying by 1903. We have to think that this allegation (and the plague) and Mahmud Ahmad’s failure at matriculating caused this school to close down. Mahmud Ahmad most likely engaged in some homsexual behaviors while he was there, in fact, many years later he was accused of raping men and women.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Mahmud Ahmad’s famous immorality incident of 1906

Qadianis will never admit to this officially, however, the Lahori-Ahmadis have archived this event for us. Mumutaz Ahmad Faruqi briefly mentioned it in his polemic vs. the Qadianis. The name of the book is “Truth Triumphs”, it was published just a few months before Mahmud Ahmad passed away, this book caused so much of a stir that the Qadianis wrote an attempted refutation in 1966 feel free to read it here:

The Quote from Faruqi
Faruqi was very brief, however, here is the screen shot and reference finder: See page 40.


I found additional data in some old books on the life of Mahmud Ahmad
As i was researching Ahmadiyya in 2010, I came across some rare books on the life of Mahmud Ahmad from the 1940’s. Attached are the quotations from that book which seem to attempt to explain away the entire incident.


What do these quotes tell us?

Mahmud Ahmad had some serious allegations against him in Qadian in 1906, he was harassing women and no one was brave enough to turn him in, however, eventually he was turned in. MGA then ordered an inquiry commission to investigate these instances of immoral behavior. Mahmud Ahmad was a married man, he didnt have children, however, he did have a wife, nonetheless, he sure acted like he was single and a Christian. Co-incidentally, as Mahmud Ahmad grew up he would continue to live just as immoral, and with the protection of the British Govt.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Muhammad Ali, the Lahori-Ahmadi was also the investigative committee–1907

Muhammad Ali knew that Mahmud Ahmad was guilty, in-fact, almost all the elders knew that he was guilty, however, the conviction of Mahmud Ahmad would be damaging to the entire mission of Ahmadiyya, so, they allowed him to walk free and blamed it on a lack of witnesses.  Interestingly enough, Muhammad Ali wrote a lengthy and positive review of Mahmud Ahmad and his newspaper, the Tashizazul Adhan. Muhammad Ali seems to be a prisoner of consequence, and could never write ill of anyone from the Mirza family.
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“Truth Triumphs” by Mumtaz Ahmad Faruqi, published on September 1st, 1965

Who is Qazi Muhammad Zahuruddin Akmal? (1881–1967)

Click to access truthtriumphs.pdf

Click to access talimul.pdf


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