Ahmadi’s have been telling us that Rahmatullah Kairanawi also disrespected Jesus Christ of the Bible and thus, MGA was justified in doing so. In 1854, he debated Christian missionaries, specifically Pfander. A few years after this debate, the famous mutiny of 1857 happened. Rahmatullah Kairanawi helped the Muslims and Hindu’s fight the British. This led to his expulsion from India altogether.

We need more time to evaluate the writings of Kairanawi. However, it seems that he wrote against Christianity from Arabia and not from India, since he was already expelled by then.

Interestingly, the Reverend Imad ud Din was also at the debate of 1854 and would go on to beef with MGA in the 1880’s and 1890’s.

Who is Rahmatullah Kairanawi?

Rahmatullah Kairanawi (also known as Rahmatullah Kairanawi Al-Hindi; 1818–1891) was a Sunni Muslim scholar and author who is best known for his work, Izhar ul-Haqq.

Kairanawi was born in KairanaMuzaffarnagarMughal India in 1818.[3] He is a descendant of the third Caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, his full lineage is mentioned in family sources.[4] Part of the family wealth, a large property in Kairana, was granted by Akbar the Great.[4] Many family members held high positions and/or were intellectuals. Sheikh Hakeem Abdul Kareem who was an 8th great grandfather of Rahmatullah was the Emperor Akbar’s physician. Kairanwi began receiving traditional Islamic education at the age of 6, memorizing the Qur’an at 12.[4] He also learned Arabic and Persian. Later he moved to Delhi where he studied different disciplines including mathematics and medicine.[4] Working as a Mufti and Sharia teacher, he founded a religious school in Kariana.[4][5]
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Debate with Pfander

In 1837 the Church Mission Society appointed Karl Gottlieb Pfander, described by Eugene Stock as “perhaps the greatest of all missionaries to Mohammedans”,[7] to Agra in Northern India, where in 1854 he engaged in a famous public debate with leading Islamic scholars. The main Muslim debater was Kairanawi,[8][9] being assisted by English-speaking Muhammad Wazîr Khân and influential Islamic writer Imad ud-din Lahiz.[10] Kairanawi used arguments from recent European theologically critical works that Pfander was unfamiliar with, having left Europe before these were published, though his main source of reference was the apocryphal sixteenth-century Gospel of Barnabas, which he held to be authentic.[11] _____________________________________________________________________________________________
Some quotes from Ahmadi sources from Kairanawi

In the book Izala-e-Auham, Rahmatullah Kairanvi sahib who is a well respected Sunni scholar wrote the exact same. On page 179, he writes:

‘Today, entire Europe is flooded in alcohol. But there is nothing wrong with this nor is it shocking because the first miracle of their God (the Christians) was alcohol.’

He then writes:

‘The Messiah (as) himself affirms that John, peace be upon him, neither ate bread, nor did he consume wine (Luke 7:33), and that John, Peace be upon him, lived in the wilderness (Mark 1:4) But Jesus was accompanied in his journeys by several women (Matthew 27:55-57, and Luke 8:1-3) who used to provide for him out of their earnings (Luke 8:3); prostitutes used to kiss his feet (John 11:5); Martha and Mary (Magdalene) were his friends (John 11:5); and he drank wine and offered it to others (John 2: 1-11).’
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