In 1882, in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya vol. 3, MGA related a dream of his wherein he claims to have ate beef with Eisa (as) in 1872 (See pages 221 & 222). MGA went quiet on this until 1902, when it appeared in the Ahmadiyya newspaper.

The dream from BA-3, (See pages 221 & 222)

“””I will now relate a fourth dream for your complete satisfaction. About ten years ago, I saw Hadrat Masih [i.e., Jesus the Messiah], peace be on him, in a dream. The Masih and I ate together from the same dish. During the meal we were very intimate and affectionate with each other, like two brothers or two companions and friends of long standing. Afterwards, in the same place where I am now writing, the Masih and I, and a perfectly righteous descendant of the Holy Prophet, happily stayed together in the courtyard for some time. The descendant of the Holy Prophet held a piece of paper in his hand on which the names of some eminent personalities from among the followers of the Holy Prophet were entered, and it also included words of praise which had been bestowed upon them by Allah the Almighty. He started reading this paper which seemingly indicated that he wanted to inform the Masih of the ranks, which are decreed by Allah, for the chosen ones from among the Muslims. All praise entered in that paper was on behalf
of God Almighty.”””
Via the online english edition of Tadhkirah

“””I have seen him many times. On one occasion, Jesus and I ate beef out of the same dish.””


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