It should be noted that MGA was allowed to touch all men and women at Qadian under the guise of giving spiritual blessings (barkat) to all. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that MGA would have fits of hysteria which would be calmed by massaging. Thus, MGA was getting massages all day. #ahmadis would even fondle and grope/stroke MGA during prayers. MGA even treated his massage therapists for pain in their vagina, which is odd.

We have found yet another story wherein the wife of Dr. Noor Muhammad (From Lahore) would also give “services” to MGA at Qadian. MGA appreciated her services so much that he had hung her duputta on the window of Bait ud Dua (roomof prayers) after she died.

Hakim Nur Muhammad from Lahore doesn’t appear much in the history of Ahmadiyya, however, he donated to the minaret in 1901 (See Dard, page 855), which was never built by MGA.

In Qadian, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was allowed to be intimately touched by all women and men. #Ahmadis were told it was OK, they told it was a method of getting blessings (barkat), even in 2021, #ahmadis regularly eat the left-over food of the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad. In fact, MGA had the revelation that “kings will seek blessings from thy garments”. Moreover, MGA had women in his private chambers all night, MGA would wake them in the morning by sprinkling water on their face.

There are other stories of MGA having women taking baths in-front of him in Darul Zikr. We also know that Barkat Bibi told Mirza Ghulam Ahmad about pain in her vagina. We have presented many quotations in the below which prove that MGA always kept toilet attendants who also worked as masseuses. In fact, many many Ahmadis sent their wives and daughters to Qadian to service MGA.

Interestingly enough, Mahmud Ahmad was accused of the same crimes in 1906, he had some type of affair with the daughter of a male-attendant of MGA. Between 1927 and 1937, several members within the community began to allege that Mahmood Ahmad was involved in acts of sexual impropriety. To exonerate himself of these accusations, Mahmood Ahmad stated:

“”””To advance an objection against me even though that objection be true makes a man enter hell””” (AL-FAZL, 4 NOV. 1927).

In 1935, the Khalifa, Mirza Basheer-ud-Din Mahmud Ahmad described his father as a bon-vivant. He was in court and dealing with a Hindu Judge, Justice Khosla (see page 122), this judge dealt with ahmadiyya fairly and called it fangled and disturbing, he made many other comments about sex drugs and etc. This had happened before, almost all the Hindu judges who saw a case involving MGA, they found him guilty, however, in all of these cases, MGA would win on appeal, either that or a British judge would exonerate MGA (see the story of abdul hameed being sent for murder). Even the Lahori-Ahmadi’s weighed in and condemned the behaviors of the Qadiani Khalifa.  Muhammad Ali commented on the matter here and seemed taken aback by the behaviors of his former colleagues (see page 3).
The quote

“Respected Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail told me that Dr. Noor Muhammad Sahib’s (from Lahore), one of his wives, who was popular as a female doctor. She would also come to Qadian and live in MGA’s house (mansion), and she would help huzoor (MGA, with massaging services). She suffered from ________. When she died, her dupatta (scarf) was hung by Hazrat sahib (MGA) in “Bait ud Dua” (on the window) for special prayers, (Bait ud Dua was MGA’s private room for prayers). 

“Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail sahib ne mujh se bayan kiya ke Dr. Noor Muhammad Sahib Lahori ki ek beevi Doctorni ke naam se mashoor thi wo mudaton Qadian aa kar Huzoor ke makan mein rahi aur Huzoor ki khidmat karti thi. Is bichari ko hal ki bimari thi. Jab wo foth ho gayi tho us ka ek dupatta Hazrat sahib ne dua ke liye yadhani ke liye bait ud dua ke kirki ki ek ahni sulakh se bandhwa diya.”

The scan

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