In S.E. Brush’s famous work on #ahmadiyya (published in 1955), he also covered Tahrik-i-Jadid, which is an entirely separate business from Sadr Anjuman Ahmadiyya in Pakistan, and has always been kept as separate. Brush was told that Tahrik-i-Jadid was paying for 50 Murrabi’s worldwide, as well as the Jamia and all of its teachers in Rabwah. However, by 1960, this would change, as Tahrik-i-Jadid money was being used by the Jamaat to start businesses all throughout Pakistan. Shezan opened up in 1964 too.

The story of Tahrik-i-Jadid by Brush

Tahrik-i-Jadid-This building is located across the avenue from the Sadr building and is similar in design. The Tahrik was founded in 1934 for the purpose of carrying out a “fundamental” requirement of Islam, “Viz., the propagation of the Word of God to the farthest corners of the world.” ( Bashir-ud-Din, “Friday Sermon of November 28, 1952,” The Review of Religions, XLVII (January, 1953),.p 31).The process of propagation, called tabligh, is carried on in Pakistan and in foreign countries, Muslim as well as non-Muslim.

In carrying out this purpose the Tahrik has achieved a certain
degree of success. Mission centers have been established in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Indonesia, China, Japan, and a missionary to Australia is about to be sent from Rabwah. Indonesia and West Africa appear to be the places of greatest current effort, although European and American converts cause more of a stir among the people at Rabwah. Since the establishment of Communist government in China direct contact between the Chinese Ahmadi community and Pakistan has been cut off. Another country which presents difficulties to the Movement is Spain. There, where Muslim civilization once flourished brilliantly, Islam is being carried by Ahmadis from house to house. In the United States the Movement has established centers in New York, Washington, and Chicago and publishes a paper, The Muslim Sunrise.(This title is based on a tradition that in the Last Days, when Islam will sweep the world, the sun will rise in the west In addition to these main centers.
subsidiary centers have been organized in Pittsburgh and St. Louis.).
Its London headquarters are situated on Melrose Road. The better known Woking Mosque is run by the Lahoris.

With the establishment of the Tahrik Ahmadi missions were placed on a sound organizational and financial basis. The total number of missionaries increased from five to fifty. (A Missionary College at Rabwah furnishes them with preparatory training, which includes the attainment of proficiency in Arabic and English. It is expected that Bashir-ud-Din, “Friday Sermon,” op. cit., p. 31.)these linguistic tools will enable them to “fill up the gap that separates secularism from religion.” (IBID) In addition to the training of out-going missionaries, the College receives converts from foreign countries and instructs them in Islamics and Urdu. The heavy financial obligations of this program are met by the Tahrik by direct contributions from the general membership of the Movement. The treasury of the Tahrik is separate from that of the Sadr, and so is free to operate independently of that body.

The publication work of the Tahrik is of utmost importance. Translations of the Quran are being brought out in many languages; the total reached so far is fifteen. (The most recent translation completed has been into Dutch. There seems to be little objection by the orthodox to this translation work of the Ahmadis). It also handles the production of the monthly magazine, The Review of Religions, and many books and pamphlets of an apologetic nature. This material is published chiefly in Urdu and English. Another important publishing project is the lengthy English translation with commentary of the Quran, of which three parts are now available.
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