Anwar Khan also spelled as Anwer Khan is a famous Qadiani-Ahmadi who lives in the USA. He is the son of a Qadiani murrabi, hence the level of brainwashing is understood. Anwar Khan seems to be in-charge of Tehrik e Jadid in the USA. This is also mentions how a Mubahila was issued vs. Billy Graham.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Syllabus of Tehrik e Jadid National Quiz Competition By Anwer Khan, National Secretary Tehrik e Jadid History and Organization

Q What is Tehrik e Jadid?
A It is a divinely inspired scheme for the propagation of Islam around the world.

Q When was it initiated and by who?
A Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II started it in November 1934

Q Who was Ataullah Shah Bokhari and what did he claim?
A He was the leader of Majils e Ahrar, he was staunch enemy of Ahmadiyyat and said that he will eliminate Ahmadiyyat from the face of the earth.

Q Where was the Ahrar Conference held and when?
A It was held in a small village called Jada near Qadian on October 21-24 1934

Q What was the response of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra ?
A Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra said that I see that earth is slipping from under their feet.

Q What happened to their Majlis?
A Within a year of this incidence, their organization was banned due to embezzlement charges.

Q How many demands did Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra put forth in the first three sermons on the topic?
Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra presented nineteen demands.
Q What directive was given to the members in October 23, 1934 sermon
A To reconcile the differences with each other, and report back to him the same evening by midnight.

Q Who was the first dedicated worker of Tehrik e Jadid?
A The first or earliest worker was Mr. Mohammad Yaqub

Q Who was the first Financial Secretary of TJ?
A Ch. Barakt Ali Sahib was the first appointment.

Q Who was the first in charge of the department of Property and trust?
A Molvi Fakhruddin and Mirza Bashir Ahmad was appointed as his Secretary.

Q Who was assigned the First Incharge of Tehrik e Jadid?
A In January 1935, a regular office of Tehrik e Jadid was assigned and Molvi Abdul Rahman Anwar was made incharge of
Tehrik e Jadid.

Q Who was appointed as the First Secretary for Foreign Missions?
A Molvi Nuruddin Munir.

Q A department of trade and industry was created in Tehrik e Jadid, who was appointed the first in charge of this
A Maulana Zulfiqar Ali Khan Gohar was appointed to mange this department.
Q In January, Huzoor made an appeal to send cycles to undertake the survey work in nine districts. What was the
outcome f this appeal?
A Overwhelming response and hundreds of bikes were sent, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra had to give a Khutba to stop
further shipments of bike.
Q When was Darus Sana’at established in Qadian under TJ
A This school of vocational disciplines like wood work, steel work and the like began and continued till 1947.
Q Technically the scheme of Tehrik e Jadid was launched for three years, what happened at the end of this period?
A in 1937 Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra extended this scheme to another seven years till 1944.
Q When was Fazle Omar Reasearch Institute established in Qadian and which Scientific Journal paid a tribute to this
A In April 1946 this institute was established in Qadian and “Nature” magazine in the issue of June 8, 1946 made a special
Q What is so significant about February 1, 1945 for Jam’at Ahmadiyya?
A On this day, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra selected 22 Devotees for Missionary work overseas and nine devotees for
higher education in various disciplines
Q When the scheme of dedicating one person per family initiated?
A On January 5, 1945, Huzoor appealed that every family should offer one person for Waqf ( Dedication)
Q When was Tehrik e Jadid officially registered and under what name?
A On October 18, 1946 Tehrik e Jadid was registered as Tehrik e Jadid Anjuman Ahmadiyya and ten directors were named
Q In what year all Missions outside the Indo-Pak subcontinent were placed under the Jurisdiction of TJ? A
Q Who were the six special members that were added to the board of directors
A M.M.Ahmad, Nourulhaq Anwar, Ch. M. Sharif, Saifur Rahman and Muhammad Siddique
Q When was Jamiatul Mubashireen established and how long did it continue?
A On December 10, 1949 Jamiatul Mubashireen was established in Rabwah
Q When was Majlis Tehrik e Jadid established?
A March 16, 1946
Q In 1950, Huzoor created ten departments for Tehrik e Jadid and these will be called Wakeel, name these departments
A Wakeelul Maal I, II and Property, Wikat Deewan (Secretary), Education, Trade, Legal, Tabsheer and Publication
Q Under which department all foreign missions are operating?
A Wakalat Tabsheer
Q Who is the present Wakil e Ala’ in Rabwah?
A Ch. Hamidullah Sahib
Q Who is Wakil ut Tabsheer in Rabwah?
A Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan, with Abdul Majid Sahib as additional in London.

Q Who is current Wakeelul Maal I?
A Mirza Fazal Ahmad 3

Q What were the objectives of Oriental Religious Publishing Company? 118
A The sole purpose of this company was to publish the translations of the Holy Quran and other literature.. It was
established on April 30, 1953

Q When were the offices of Tehrik e Jadid established in Rabwah?
A On May 30, 1950, the foundation of the office building was laid and in 1953 it was completed.

Q when was the book 5000 Mujahideen published?
A It was published in 1959

Q When was the minimum contribution of Rs.. 10 fixed.
A On March 18, 1964

Q When was the magazine entitled: Tehrik e Jadid begun?
A. It began in 1965 under the editorship of Maualna Nasim Saifi Sahib.

Q When was the first Boarding House established and how long did it continue?
A A boarding house was established to teach children moral values especially truthfulness.

A It was established in mid year of 1935. It continued till 1946 when it was absorbed by Nizarat Taleem, Sadr Anjuman
Ahmadiyya Qadian.

Q When did Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IIra add five additional demands to the earlier 19, and what were they?

A Twentieth: Pay attention to distribute the part of your inheritance as prescribed by Shariah.
Twenty First: Pay attention to the rights and sentiments of women
Twenty Second: Every Ahmadi would be trust worthy and will not cheat anyone of their property.
Twenty Third: Serve mankind, work with your own hands and clean the cities and areas you live.
‘Twenty Fourth: No Ahmadi will file a lawsuit in outside courts instead he will turn to Jam’at Qaza system.

Q In which country the revelation” Kings shall seek blessings from thy Garments was fulfilled?
A Gambia in 1979 when F.M. Sighate accepted Ahmadiyyat and requested the garment piece of Hadhrat Promised

Q When this revelation was fulfilled again and the kings entered the Jalsa Gah riding on their horses?
A It was fulfilled in 2001 when 12 Kings entered Jalsa Salana of Benin where 50,000 people were in attendance.

Q In which country the President and the Vice President both attended the Jalsa Salana all three days?
A Jalsa Salana in Ghana in the Khilafat Jubilee year 2008.

Q Which was the largest Jam’at in the world during the time of Promised Messiahah outside India?
A Uganda, East Africa. 52 Companions are known to have migrated to Uganda.

Q When did MTA 24 hour broadcast Start?
A January 7, 1996

Q When did MTA Arabiyya begin its broadcast?
A In 2008

Q When did AlFazal International begin its publication?
AJ January 7, 1994

Q When Huzoor appealed to raise the printing of the Review of Religions to 10,000?
A 1994

Q Which Jam’at came forward to fully fund this printing?

Q Which country issued the Stamp of Ahmadiyya Centenary in 1989?
A Sierra Leone

Q Which country issued the Stamp of Dr. Abdus Salam?
A Benin

Q Which country decided to declare Fiday as a Muslim holiday on the request of our Missionary Mubarak Ahmad Saqi
A President of Liberia Mr. Tibman accepted the request in 1964 and declared Friday as a holiday for Muslims so they
could attend Friday prayers.

Q Who is the first Indian missionary who was martyred in Mauritius and when?
A Hafiz Obaidullah Shaheed was the first martyr who gave his life at the young age of 32. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II
gave a glowing tribute to him in his Friday sermon December 7, 1923. A guest house in Qadian has been build by
Jam’at Mauritius, Huzoor named this guest house as Hafiz Obaidullah guest House.

Q When was Fazal mosque in Washington purchased?
A 1950

Q When is the first Jalsa Salana of USA held?
A In 1948 in Dayton, OH

Q Where is Edward Boucher Abdus Salam Institute located?
A This institute is located in Benin, Africa

Q Which Ahmadiyya Missionary conveyed a message of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II to Qaid e Azam to return to India in
A Abdul Raheem Dard Sahib gave this message that was acknowledged by Qaid e Azam at a reception held in London
Mosque in 1933.

Q What is the first demand of Tehrik e Jadid?
A Simple Living incorporating frugal use of resources in food, clothing and amenities
Q How many demands were presented in the initial three sermons?
A 19 demands
Q What was the Nineteenth demand?
A Every one should indulge in ardent supplications for all those who are actively involved in the efforts to propagate
Islam so that their efforts bring forth success in their missions.
Q Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Iv has declared that the demands of Tehrik e Jadid are the direct antidote to the venomous
threats of a secret organization. Name that organization?
A Free Masons
Ahmadiyya Mosques around the world.
Q Name the First mosque built by Jama’at Ahmadiyya ?
A Masjid Mubarak was built in 1883
Q Who was the first Ahmadi woman who donated funds for the expansion of Masjid Mubarak?
A Hadhrat Syeda Nusrat Jehan Begum, wife of the Promised Messiah had her jewelry sold for Rs 1000 for Mosque
Q Name the last mosque of the first century of Khilafat and where is it located?
A. Masjid Mubarak in Abuja, Nigeria built in April 2008
Q How many mosques were there at the end of First Khilafat?
A 12, spread over Qadian, Lahore, Dera Ghazi Khan, Jammu and Patiala District
Q How many mosques were there at the end of the era of Second Khilafat?
A There were 356 mosques in 1965
Q What was the number at the end of third Khilafat?
425 Mosques were built during the third Khilafat raising the total to 790 in 1984
Q In which two ways mosques were added to the total number during the fourth Khilafat?
A Some were built new and some were acquired when the Imams of their mosques accepted Islam.. In the year 2002
Jama’at had 13682 Mosques out of which 11472 were acquired mosques
Q What is the total number of Mosques at the end of the first century of Khilafat?
A Total number of Mosques as of May 26, 2008 was 15055.
Q Name the most recent mosque built in Maracaibo, Venezuela on the bank of Pacific Ocean?
A Two men, father and son from Trinidad built this circular mosque on a platform raised in the Pacific Ocean in the City
of Maracaibo, Venezuela. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Vaba named it as Baitul Awwal.
Q Which Mosques have been built by ladies contribution only?
A Fazal Mosque, London, Holland Mosque, Khadija Mosque, Germany
Nusrat Jehan Mosque, Copenhagen, Denmark
Q Which Dome has been built by Ahmadi women?
A Dome of Baitul Huda Mosque was built under Lajna Imaillah Australia led by Mrs. Naima Shakeel.
Q Name the Ahmedi woman architect who designed three mosques and the Jamia building in Germany?
A. A German Ahmadi, Mrs. Mubashira Majoka of Frankfort Germany.
Q Name the mosques designed by her
A Nasir Mosque in Bremen, Jamae Mosque in Offenbach and Khadija Mosque in Berlin and Jamey Ahmadiyya Germany.
Q Which Countries have been assigned the target to build 100 mosques by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV and when was
this target given
A Germany and Kenya. This target was given in the Jubilee year 1989.
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque in Europe uses solar energy for heating/cooling ?
A. Baitul Aleem in Wutzburg Germany
Q Which Ahmadiyya mosque has an official approval to call Adhan on the loudspeaker at Zuhar and Asar times.
A. Masjid Al-Mahdi in UK
Q To which country Sadar Lajna Imaillah traveled to raise funds for Holland Mosque?
A. Hadhrat Maryam Siddiqa traveled to Indonesia to raise funds for Holland Mosque
Q Where is Masjid Khizar Sultana located?
A Rabwah, Pakistan
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque has been named as the 49th best building in the world, declared by “independent” magazine
in October 18-24, 2003 issue.
A Baitul Futooh In United Kingdom
Q Which Mosque in Europe has a tall minaret with the capability of being lit and visible from a distance.
A Baitul Aleem in Wurzburg Germany. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih V remarked: “ whenever you will come t the mosque,
this light would remind you that week will not be stagnant at a figure of 180, we have to introduce this message to
people all around us and demonstrate with our actions and examples that this is what Islam is all about.: to enlighten
one’s awareness of salvation and nearness to Allah. (Int’l Al Fazal Sept. 16, 2005)
Q How much money Lajna Imaillah collected to build the Mobarak mosque in Holland?
A Rs 143,664
Q Why December 15, 1982 is important for Jama’at USA?
A This day, Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV launched the scheme of building five major Mosques in USA for a price tag of $
2.5 Million
Q How many purpose built mosques does Jama’at USA have and where are they located?
A Silvers Springs, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, Columbus, Detroit, Portland, Los Angeles, Willingboro, Central Jersey,
Tucson, and St Louis
Q Which is the largest Ahmadiyya mosque in Pakistan?
A Masjid Aqsa in Rabwah.
Q Which is the largest mosque in North America?
A Masjid Nur in Calgary, Canada
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque was built by her opponents under the court order and the key was handed over to jam’ at
by the Judge.
Q How many mosques have been destroyed, burnt, demolished or locked by our opponents in Pakistan
A 123
Q Which is the first Mosque in United States?
A Sadiq Mosque in Chicago
Q When was Fazal Mosque in UK built?
A 1924.
Q Which Mosque in Asia was inaugurated by the Assistant Prime Minister of the Country?
A Masjid Al-Taqwa in Cambodia
Q How many mosques Jam’at has in Central America?
A One in Guatemala
Q Baitul Muqueet is the name of our Mosque in Austin, which other country has a mosque with this name?
A Auckland, New Zeeland
Q A city in Africa is known as the city of crocodiles, Jama’at built a mosque and Huzoor Aqdas inaugurated that mosque
in 2005. Name that city?
A Paga at the border of Ghana
Q A Mosque was built in this town and the permissions were received within three days from the authorities. Name that
A Wurzburg, Germany. Permission was sought on a Friday, and the approval came the following Monday. Only Mosque
in Germany with this unique characteristic.
Q Which Mosque has been built by the funds raised by Majlis Ansarullah?
A Masjid Al-Mahdi In UK
Q Which mosque has been built by Majlis Khuddamul Ahmadiyya organization
A A mosque in Liberia.
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque has been showcased as Islamic Mosque in a vastly read weekly Akhbar e Jehan of Pakistan?
A Nasir Mosque, Sweden
Q Which mosque has been picked on National Television for the controversial bans the Minaret initiative? Also name
the location.
A Masjid Mahmood Zurich, Switzerland
Q To which country Sahibzada Mirza Waseem Ahmad Marhoom traveled to inaugurate the Mosque.
A Mauritius
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque did the US boxer Muhammad Ali Clay visit?
A. Masjid Frankfort, Germany
Q Which Ahmadiyya mosque had the honor of having the foundation laid by the third Khalifa and inaugurated by the
A Masjid Basharat, Pedrobad, Spain
Q Which Ahmadiyya mosque had the honor of having the foundation laid by the fourth Khalifa and inaugurated by the
present Imam?
A. Baitul Futooh, UK
Q In which mosque, the President of the country had an honor of Huzoor giving a tour and when?
A Masjid Nur Calgary, where the Prime Minister visited the Mosque and Huzoor showed him around the facilities in 2009
Q A queen visited our mosque in one country. Name the country and the year.
Holland, at the 50th anniversary of Mobarak Mosque in 2006
Q Which Ahmadiyya Mosque was built by the opponents of Ahmadiyyat under the court order and the key was handed
over to Jam’at by the Judge?
A Ahmadiyya Mosque in the Gambia
Q How many ahmadiyya mosques have been destroyed, burnt, demolished or locked in Pakistan?
A 123
Q Which is the First mosque in USA
A Sadiq Mosque in Chicago
Q When was Masjid Fazal London built?
A In 1924

Translations of the Holy Quran
Q In how many languages the Holy Quran has been translated?
A 69 complete texts
Q In how many languages selected verses have been published?
A 113
Q In which popular language Bible has not been translated but Jama’at has published the translation of the Holy Quran?
A Twi language of Ashanti region in Ghana. Yusuf Edusi Sahib translated it and has been hailed by the Muslim
community and the government authorities.
Q Into which ancient language have we translated the Holy Quran?
A Moray language of Aborigines in New Zealand and Australia.
Q When was five-volume commentary of Holy Quran printed in English?
A In 1963 with 3300 pages. A shorter version was printed in 1969
Q Which Canadian Jama’at went beyond DEW line to place the Quranic translations to the remote libraries and habitation
near North Pole?
A Jama’at Calgary under the Presidency of Raja Basit Ahmad. Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih III praised this Jama’at for this
extra ordinary work.
Q In which three languages partial translation work has been completed?
A Maury (language of New Zealand), Javanese and Myanmar (language of Burma)
Q What is one of the greatest contributions of Jama’at Ahmadiyya for the 40 million blinds of the world?
A For the first time any one has provided Maulvi Sher Ali Sahib’s translation on Brail for the blinds to recite. No one has
this honor to-date.
Q How many printing Presses are in operation under Jama’at management?
A There are eight branches of Requiem Press including: UK, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Benin, Gambia, Kenya,
Q Who translated Holy Quran into Danish language?
A Abdul Salam Madsen
Q Who helped translate Holy Quran into Portuguese language?
A Sister Amina of Brazil
Q For which translation King Faisal sent a donation to Jam’at?
A For Danish translation King Faisal sent 3000 Krones to our mission.
Q How many missionaries are working in the field?
A 1800
Q How many Missionaries are working in USA, Name them, who is the Missionary In charge?
A I.H.Kauser, Irshad Malhi, Zafarullah Hanjra, Zafar Sarwar, Yahya Luqman, Mubasher Ahmad, Azhar Haneef
Q First Missionaries to the following countries:
a. UK b. Germany c. Indonesia, d Russia e. USA
A Ch. Fateh Muhammad Sial, Molvi Mubarak Ali, Rehmat Ali, Zahoor Hussain and Mufti Muhammad Sadiq
Q When did 16 Missionaries were selected for foreign countries and nine went as a team to London
A In December 1945
Q Name these nine early Missionaries:
Ch. Zahoor Ahmad Bajwa, Hafiz Qudratullah, Malik Ataur Rahman,Ch. Allahditta, Ch. Karam Ilahi Zafar, Ch.
Muhammad Ishaque, Molvi Muhammad Usman, Master Muhammad Ibrahim Khalil, and Molvi Ghulam Ahmad Bashir
Q Two Missionaries received the title Khalid e Ahmadiyyat by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II, Name them and when this
title was bestowed upon them.
A Maulana Abul Ata sahib and Maulana Jalauddin Shams sahib
Q Who is the First Missionary Martyr in Jam’at?
A Walidad Khan, Missionary to Afghanistan
Q Who gave the Prayer Duel to Rev. Bili Graham of USA and when?
A Sh. Mubarak Ahmad Sahib gave Bili Graham a challenge in 1963
Q How many Jamias do we have and where?
A Qadian, Rabwah, UK, Germany, Canada, Ghana, Indonesia
Q Which Missionary was beaten and physically hurt by the Government authorities?
A Molvi Zahoor Hussain Sahib of Bukhara in Russia
Q Which missionary sold perfume to make a living when Jam’at could not support this Missionary?
A Maulana Karam Ilahi Zafar of Spain
Q Which Missionary was thrown from the second story office of the prince on the road outside and survived?
A Molvi Ghulam Hussain Ayaz in Malaya
Q What do you mean by Raeesut Tabligh?
A It was a title bestowed upon Missionaries by Huzoor for their extra ordinary ability and contribution.
Q When is the Waqf e Nau scheme initiated?
A It was initiated In 1987 by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih IV
Q How many kids are enrolled in this scheme to-date?
Q What is the ration of boys to girls in this total?
A 2:1, boys are twice in number.
Q Where is Jamia in Canada located?
A In Toronto, Canada
Q Who is the current principal of Jamia Ahmadiyya Rabwah?
A Mir Mahmood Ahmad Nasir Sahib
Q Name two missionaries who have been buried in foreign soil?
A Molvi Nazir Ahmad Al and Molvi Mohammad Munawar
Q How many Mission Houses have been built by Jam’at in he world?
Q In how many countries Jam’at is established?
A 195
Q Name a street in Africa that has been named after an Ahmadiyya Missionary?
A Molvi Hakeem Street after our Missionary Molvi Hakeem Fazlur Rahman Sahib In Ghana
Q 10,000 people accepted Ahmadiyyat at once in the first visit of Our Missionary, name the country and the Missionary
and the year
A Molvi Abdul Raheem Nayyar, Ghana in 1921.
Q Who has been given the title “ First Female Ahmedi Missionary?
A Sister Amina of Brazil in 1989
Chandah Tehrik e Jadid
Q How Chandah Tehrik e Jadid came about at its inception?
A There were four veins for which chandah was collected, these were:1) Response to venomous literature; 2) Special
Tabligh; 3)Tabligh outside India; and 4) Tabligh survey scheme. All these were combined and given the name Chandah
Tehrik e Jadid.
Q What was the amount requested at the launch of the scheme and what was the collections the very first year
A. Huzoor launched the scheme with a target of Rs 27500 and Rs 110,000 was collected.
Q What was the chandah in the first Two Registers in 1966 (From 1934-1965)
A Rs 38 million thirteen thousand and two hundred 80 ( Rs 38.673 M)
Q What was TJ chandah worldwide in 1982?
A Rs 50.397 Million
Q What was the total collection worldwide in 2003?
A 28 Lakh Twelve thousand British Pound
Q What was the overall collection worldwide last year?
A £ 4, 953,800
Q Describe the number of participants worldwide and the number increased from the previous year
A Increase was 850,000
Q Describe the various nine Jama’ats who ranked 1-9 last year.
Q Which parameter Huzoor initiated in 2009 that was described for the first time?
A This year Huzoor also narrated the top Jam’ats in local currency with % increases. E.g. India stood first with 42.3 %
Q What two things Huzoor mentioned in his 2009 Khutba of Tehrik e Jadid regarding USA.
A He appreciated Daftar Punjum efforts of Children and gave a figure of 3.4% increase
Q Who is listed as number one in the list of 5000 Mujahedeen of Dafter Awwal
A Hadhrat Nusrat Jehan Begum
Q What is the rate of Chandah Tehrik e Jadid as described by Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih II?
A 20% of monthly earnings to be paid over one year
Q Who is the single largest contributor to Tehrik e Jadid scheme in the world?
A The largest single matchless contributor to this sacred scheme is none other than Hadhrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmood
Ahmad – the founder of Tehrik e Jadid. Here is his contribution:
1) In cash he paid Rs 118, 686 in 19 years.
2) He donated a land parcel that was sold for Rs 152,700
3) He dedicated his thirteen sons for Tehrik e Jadid.
Q When was the book List of 5000 Mujahideen printed?
A Ch. Barkat Ali Sahib printed it in June 1959

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