We have found a list of 5000 Ahmadi’s from the 1950’s. This list was published in 1959. Its unclear if this list is from the Daftar-Aval (Office-1) or Daftar-Dom (Office-2). This list seems to have been collected in 1953, and represents 5000+ super pious Ahmadi’s who gave money for Tehrk-i-Jadid. The Khalifa told Brush in this same era that 50 missionaries were working under the financial support of Tehrik-e-Jadid. However, in the whole world in 1953, there were a maximum of 50 murrabi’s. Which begs the question, what was Chanda Aam and Wasiyyat being used for? The full list is of 5901 Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. Roughly 76% of the donations came from within Pakistan.
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Panch Hazar Mujahedeen Daftar Awal


—833 from Rabwah
—433 from Lahore
—396 from Sialkot
—305 from Faisalabad
—288 from Karachi
—272 from Gujrat
—218 from Sarghoda
—174 from Gujranwala
—159 from Sahiwal
—146 from Rawalpindi
—145 from Sheikhupura
—97 from Quetta
—78 from Jhang
—70 from Multan
—57 from Peshawar
—59 from Jhelum
—59 from Bahawalpur
—58 from Narowal
—49 from Sindh
—46 from Zamima Aswa
—44 from Attock
—40 from Laiah
—36 from Dera Ghazi Khan
—35 from Sarhad
—31 from Umarkot
—30 from Toba Tek Singh
—28 from Okara
—28 from Sukkhar
—27 from Muzzafargarh
—23 from Pakpattan
—23 from Mirpur Khas
—22 from Lodhran
—22 from Nawabshah
—20 from Mardan
—18 from Hafizabad
—17 from Chakwal
—17 from Mandi Bauhuddin
—17 from Khanewal
—16 from Noshehra
—12 from Badin
—10 from Vehari
—9 from Balochistan
—8 from Abbotabad
—8 from Gilgat
—8 from Khushab
—8 from Khairpur
—8 from Hazara
—6 from Mansehra
—5 from Mianwali
—2 from Hyderabad
—1 from Dadu

Total================4519, which is 76%
Outside of Pakistan

—744 from India, (76 from the East Punjab)(169 from Qadian)(499 from India, not listed where)
—97 Ahmadi’s from the USA donated.
—81 from Kenya
—81 from Indonesia
—65 from Palestine
—62 from Bangladesh
—37 Ahmadi’s from Tanzania donated.
—24 from Mauritius
—20 Ahmadi’s from Syria donated.
—16 Ahmadi’s from Sri Lanka donated.
—16 from Oman
—15 Ahmadi’s from Uganda donated.
—10 from Asia, the country is unknown
—9 Ahmadi’s from the UK donated.
—9 from Kotli, Azad Kashmir
—9 from Burma
—-8 from Borneo
—6 from Africa (unknown from exactly where)
—5 from Egypt
—4 from Iraq
—3 Ahmadi’s from Spain donated, a murrabi and his parents.
—2 from Germany
—2 from France
—-1 from Canada


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