This was created by MGA in 1905, after Maulvi Abdul Karim died and MGA worried about his own death and financial status of his offspring. Thus, MGA created the Wasiyyat scam. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad even claimed that an angel showed him the place of his burial. MGA even said that his children didn’t have to pay and would still be buried therein. The dead body of Maulvi Abdul Karim seems to be the first Ahmadi ever buried in Bahishti Maqbara. MGA was buried therein in May of 1908, as was Noorudin in 1914. 99% of MGA’s children were not buried in Bahishti Maqbara from 1914 to 1947.

The original Bahishti Maqbara was in Qadian, after 1947, roughly 90% of Ahmadi’s in India moved to Pakistan and thus abandoned the Bahishti Maqbara. The “Return to Qadian” prophecy by Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad (1947) was given in this era also.

After MGA’s widow died (Nusrat Jehan), the Mirza family seems to have established a Bahishti Maqbara at Rabwah. All of children of MGA from his second wife were buried there, as well Zafrullah Khan and Abdus Salam.


On 26 December, 1905 the body of Maulvi Abdul Karim was dug up and placed into Bahishti Maqbara, however, he had never done Wasiyyat. He had died on 11 October 1905.


MGA died and is buried in Bahishti Maqbarah.

The first Khalifa, Maulvi Noorudin dies and is buried in Bahishti Maqbarah.


Qadiani claims in 1936 that khalifa 2 and his brothers and mother will be buried in bahishti maqbara as proof of being “janati”.

Alfazl Dated 12 September,1936.

Will Lahories understand a very simple point.?

Alfazl dated 2 September, 1936 has brought out an article with the caption “aik Moti Baat” . In this article it was proved with the help of some writings of Hazrat Masih Moud, that those to be buried in Bahishti Maqbarah are definitely destined to paradise. Since the family and relatives of Huzur (Mirza) shall be buried here without any conditionality as god has provided exemption for them, hence it is proved that they are all definitely destined to paradise. Similarly those who talk against this are hypocrites as per sayings of hazrat Masih Moud.

So it is crystal clear that Amirul Momineen Khalifa Sani, his brothers and Ummul momineen about whom Allah Taala has informed in advance are all paradise bound because they are followers of truth. Their opponent would be hypocrites inspite of the facts that they are believers of Hazrat Masih Moud.

This can be explained in another way like hazrat Masih Moud on the basis of receipt of ilham from god, has informed that all those to be buried in BM shall be paradise bound. But Molana Muhammad Ali Lahori and his friends say those who calls non ahmadis kafir, are kafir themselves. As such they call ahmadis Mubayeen kafir, while these are the ones who are proving themselves as paradise bound by getting buried in BM.

Now ghair Mubayeen (Lahories) have to admit that the Jamaat Ahmadiyya Qadian are on the right path or they would have to say that those to be buried will not be destined to paradise contrary to the saying of Hazrat Masih Moud.

Now important thing is that would ghair Mubayeen understand this simple point and correct themselves.

Humble self
Yar Muhammad Arif
From Bombay.



The Qadiani jamaat is forced to move to Lahore and then to Rabwah.


MGA’s widow (Nusrat Jehan) dies and is buried in Rabwah. The Khalifa prophecies that the Mirza family will return to Qadian someday and all the bodies buried in Rabwah should be moved to Qadian.
A board is erected at the graveyard at Rabwah

Above board fixed in so called “Behasti Muqbra” Rabwah (Chinab Nagar), Pakistan was put on order of Mehmoodi Khalifa Mirza Mehmood Ahmad (also known as Qadiani Khalifa 2). This board itself tells that REAL, ORIGINAL, GENUINE AND TRUE Behashti Muqbra is ONLY in Qadian, India.

Some commentary about this photo

There used to be a notice board installed beside the graves of Nusrat Jehan, wife of MGAQ and the grave of khalifa 2 of Jamaat ahmadiyya in a specially built compound in the graveyard of Rabwah which read as under:-

“Directions of Khalifatul Masih Alsani:”
It is my advice to Jamaat to shift the corpses of ummul momineen and other Ahle Bait to Maqbara Bahishti Qadian as soon as they find an opportunity to do so. Because the Maqbarah Bahishti Qadian has been set up on the basis of Revelation from God and the prophesy regarding burial of Ummul Momineen and other family members of Hazrat Masih e Moud (MGAQ), there in Qadian. This advice shall be binding on Jamaat. And Jamaat should not forget this.

However, this Notice Board do not exists any more and has been removed by the Jamaat, obviously to avoid embarrassment for the Jamaat. Here few questions need to be answered by Qadianis as below:-

Whether such or Board was installed there ?
If yes why this Board has been removed ?
What is the status of other Branches of Bahishti Maqbaras in Rabwah, Canada London and Germany? Are these fake BMs?
If so then why Jamaat is running the wasiyyat system and receiving heavy amount of money in this regard ?
Why did khalifa 2 has asked for shifting of the dead-bodies of the family of MGAQ only?
Why the Khalifa 2 has not asked the shifting of dead bodies of other poor ahmadis who have been buried there after payment of huge amount of money.
And finally why the prophesy of burial of Nusrat Jahan and other family members has not been fulfilled after the lapse of about 72 years.?
Would any ahmadi dare to answer these questions.

Photo of Notice Board found through the Courtesy of brother Taher Ahmad Dar who is ex ahmadi.

A scan from from “Sufism to Ahmadiyya A Muslim Minority Movement in South Asia” by Adil Hussain Khan

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