Ahmadiyya leadership lies all the time.  They are all Mullahs who are concerned with job security, if Ahmadiyya fails, or loses members, Ahmadiyya-mullahs will lose their benefits and their livelihoods.  It is claimed by Ahmadiyya leadership that Sayyedah Nusrat Jahan Begum from Delhi was born in 1865 (see the authors introduction) , that is a total lie.  Its really impossible.  Her younger brother was born in the 1880–1882 era, that’s a 15 year difference. She has another brother as well, his birth is some time after 1883…its really unclear.  The issue here is that Mir Nasir Nawab, who was younger then MGA, he couldnt have possibly had children so many years apart….it seems very unlikely.  Nusrat Jehan was most likely 10 years old when she was betrothed to MGA at Qadian.  Her father seems to be very opportunistic, as he met the Mirza family in the early 1870’s and when MGA’s father died…he knew that there was a void…and MGA could easily marry his daughter and Mir Nasir Nawab could ascend to the throne in Qadian.  This is typical desi planning.  They arrange marriages which benefit themselves financially.

But MGA was impotent and everybody knew, even Mir Nasir Nawab knew
When MGA took on this marriage, he was impotent, and had been impotent for at least 10+ years, here is quote:

“”” one more problem i faced is that At time of marraige , my heart and brain was very weak and i was effected from several diseases …………………………………..and thus some of my friends expressed their greivance(concersn) at my marraige ………….and have come to know that you have done a marraige and that you have come to know through hakeem mohammad shareef orally that you didnot had the capability of that (marriage)…………….. ”
Ref : roohani Khaziyan 15 – Page 203 – taryaqul Qaloub”””

When did the marriage happen?



Who fathered Nusrat Jehan’s Children?
It is rumored that Noorudin fathered the children of Nusrat Jehan, not MGA.  This is plausible, since at the death of MGA, Nusrat Jehan claimed to be the “laundi” aka “escort” of Noorudin.    She made many other controversial statements upon the death of Nooruddin.

Mir Nasir Nawab and his wife and Nusrat Jehan moved into MGA’s house after MGA’s father died–1876
This is strange, as soon as MGA’s father died...the entire family (just 3 people) moved into MGA’s house (see page 2), per Ahmadiyya records, she was barely 10 years old, per my opinions, she was an infant, just a few years old.  Whats interesting here is that MGA also had a love affair with another infant, namely Muhammadi Begum, who was also coming and going in MGA’s home in those days, since she was his niece.  MGA eventually lusted after her and failed in his attempt to marry her.  This is a disturbing pattern.  It proves that MGA was a predator and saw infants as potential brides.  Mir Nasir Nawab moved his family out after barely a year. Since MGA didnt own the entire estate of the family…they were waiting.  When MGA’s brother died in 1883….Mir Nasir Nawab swiftly married his pre-teen daughter to MGA.

If we assume that Nusrat Jehan was 11 years old as she moved into MGA’s house
In those days, girls didn’t go to school and were normally married off by age 11-13….so why did they wait soooo long with Nusrat Jehan….obviously they have lied about her age.  Further, MGA married his sons off at ages 10–13, as well as his daughters….so this was normal practice in those days.

1904, she seems to have asked to be released from her marriage

She didn’t do purdah

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