Ahmadiyya sources tell us that she was born in 1865 in Delhi to Mir Nasir Nawab and his wife (however, we strongly dispute this year, it was most likely 1872. They were members of the Ahl-e-Hadith sect of Muslims in northern India. We dispute this date. If we admit that this date is true, then she was 18-19 years old when she married MGA, and her younger brother Mir Muhammad Ismael was 16-17 years younger than his elder sister, which is really hard to believe. Her only other sibling, another younger brother, Mir Muhammad Ishaq wasn’t born until 1890. It is more likely that she was born in 1872 and was 12 years old when she married Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (who was almost 50 and old and out of shape and nasty). She gave birth to 10 children for MGA, half of them died in their youth. Her final child was Amtul Hafeez Begum, who was born on 25 June 1904. For the next 4 years with MGA, she never got pregnant.

Mir Nasir Nawab gets to know MGA’s brother, Mirza Ghulam Qadir, he also does canal work around Qadian for the British government. Mir Nasir Nawab, his wife and their only daughter (Nusrat Jahan Begum) visit Qadian and stay in MGA’s house for many months. Nusrat Jahan Begum is a toddler and sees MGA for the first time. MGA’s father dies and the family seems to move out to Lahore. We think that MGA lusted after this infant child the same way that he lusted after Muhammadi Begum.

November 17th, 1884 in Delhi, India
MGA gets married to Nusrat Jahan Begum. He stays 3 days, he leaves for Qadian with his new wife on November 20th, 1884.

When did the marriage happen?
There is some confusion on when this marriage happened, some Ahmadiyya sources claim that is happened in 1883. Per Ahmadiyya records (dard, page 192), Nusrat Jehan gave birth to Ismat on 4-15-1886. If we assume that the marriage happened 10 months prior to this, we get July 1885 as the date of marriage. Ismat died of cholera in 1891, just a few months after MGA’s wildest claims.  

December 1884
After staying just one month in Qadian, she returns to Delhi to her parents home.

MGA writes letters to Noorudin addressing his impotency, Noorudin comes to Qadian and treats MGA with an opium filled medicine. MGA claims that his impotency goes away (this is the famous Zadham e Ishq, the love potion). In March-1885, Nusrat Jahan Begum returns to Qadian.  MGA’s famous toilet attendant (Hamid Ali) tells us that MGA still wasn’t cured, it took an additional 7-8 months for MGA to be cured of impotency.

On Feb 20th, 1886, MGA makes the famous prediction of the promised son.  Instead, on 15 April 1886, a daughter is born, her name is Ismat, she dies of cholera 5 years later.  In December of 1886, she gets pregnant again.

Bashir-1 is born to her and MGA on 7 August 1887.  At this point, MGA thought this was the promised son.  Later on MGA would give him the name of Bashir-1 (in urdu as Bashir Aval).

In roughly April of 1888, she gets pregnant with Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad.
Bashir-1 dies on 4 November 1888, he was barely 15 months, the cause of death is not given.

In January, she gives birth to Mirza Basheer-uddin Mahmud Ahmad, who eventually becomes the Khalifa in 1914 and the Promised son during WW-2.
In February she didn’t get into MGA’s bait, nor did her father or her brothers.  They didn’t attend the famous ceremony either.

Roughly 1892
Per Ahmadiyya sources, she prayed that MGA would marry Muhammadi Begum.  She thus repeatedly prayed for this prophecy to come true. She did this because she believed the prophecy was the word of God, and she wanted it to come true even though the pain of her husband’s marrying again in her own words, ‘may kill her’ (See Seerat o Sawaneh Hadhrat Amma Jaan, Prof. Syeda Naseem Saeed, Lajna Imaillah Lahore, via ROR, oct-2010).

She helped her younger brother, Mir Muhammad Ismail with money for his college, he would eventually become a doctor.  Where did this money come from?  Her father moved to Qadian permanently in this era, as well as her younger brother.  She lived with MGA in his mansion at Qadian along with the young wife of Noorudin, Muhammad Ali’s wife, Maulvi Abdul Karim’s wife and many others.

1904, she seems to have asked to be released from her marriage

She didn’t do purdah

She tells the world how MGA never led prayers via her sons in Seeratul Mahdi.

She migrates to Lahore with her entire family, they then shift to Rabwah.

She dies in Rabwah and is buried there in May of 1952.

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