After MGA died, his trusted companions wrote about the dreams, utterances and angels of Ahmadiyya. In Seeratul Mahdi, we find angels named Dev Dingh and Herdev Singh (see the full reference the below).

In 1884, via BA-4, MGA wrote that all prophets have Ruhul-Qudus with them. 7 years later, in 1891, when MGA claimed to be the Messiah, he immediately claimed that he also Ruhul-Qudus (1891) with him, although he was only a Muhaddas. MGA went a step further and claimed that he was also Ruhul-ullah, or the spirit of Allah (1892). By 1894, MGA was claiming that all prophets, messengers and Muhadas’ have had Ruhul al Qudus with them. In 1897, MGA was claiming that all righteous children have the Ruhul-Qudus with them.

In the famous faked-sermon (Khutbah-ilhamiya)(1901) MGA claimed that the Ruhul-Amin (Gabriel) was with him. It should be noted that MGA also asserted that the Ruhul Qudus would be with the promised son (Musleh Maud)(See Truth Prevails, 1965). Eisa (As) was also called, “Kalimatullah” in 3:45 of the Quran, which means the word of Allah. Yahya (as) is also called the same term in 3:38-39.

MGA claimed to be surrounded by angels all the time, he even called himself as as having Ruhul-Qudus (1891), in fact, his famous Khutbah ilhamiya was a situation wherein MGA claimed that his tongue was taken over by Gabriel. MGA had some weird angels who would visit him, sometimes, they would dance, sometimes they would bring money and call themselves Tichi Tichi. In 1905, MGA had a revelation of his published in his newspaper the Al-Badr wherein he described meeting an angel named Tichi Tichi. By 1907, MGA gave an explanation of this incident via Haqiqatul Wahy. However, this issue still haunts Ahmadi’s to this day. This is an embarrassing event in the history of Ahmadiyya. There were other strange angels who interacted with MGA, like Mithal Lal, Darshani, Khairati, Ayal or Ail, Sher Ali, and Hafeez. MGA had some weird angels who would visit him, sometimes, they would sing and dance. MGA even claimed that Noorudin and Muhammad Ahsan Amrohi were the 2 angels that he descended with, per the famous hadith. #Ahmadi sources even claim that angels taught Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad Surah Fatiha in 1906. They go so far to claim that the angel taught him the last verse and a half of Surah Fatiha, and no one had ever learned it before him.

Seeratul Mahdi, Volume-4, page 27, story number 1013

There’s some Abdul Wahab guy who is close to being Ahmadi and Munshi Zafar narrates that he asked Abdul Wahab why he didn’t do baiyat yet and he responds saying, “I was about to give baiyat but then I received a revelation/ ilham that Mirza sahib has two Sikh Jins named Dev (Singh) and Hardev (Singh) that are with him. This has prevented me from giving baiyat.”

Munshi then says that he told MGA that this was a satanic ilham but MGA responded saying that this was a true Rahmani revelation and that in Sanskrit Dev means angel. However, this is a lie and Dev means god in Sanskrit.

Munshi then says that MGA told him to write to Abdul Wahab saying that his revelation means that the angels of Rahat (Rahat ke farishte) and angels of Allah (makaekatullah) help us. Munshi says that Abdul Wahab was a mureed/ disciple of Molvi Abdulullah Ghaznavi and he died before getting the letter. We praise Allah for saving Abdul Wahab from the Dajjal.


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