Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers wrote this book in response to Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf (See Hidden Treasures). The Qadiani-Ahmadi’s translated this booklet into english in 2010. This is an extremely short booklet of barely 16 urdu pages. Qadiani and Lahori-Ahmadi sources gave us October 6, 1902 as the publish date.

It seems that MGA and his team of writers were arguing that since MGA had lived 23 years after making his claim of prophethood, he was thus a true prophet/messenger. Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf immediately objected to this and argued that MGA made the opposite claim in some of his writings (those references are unknown). MGA had even claimed that Yahya (as) was shaheed just a month earlier in Tofha Golarviyya. Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf argued that there was no such rule as a 23-year rule that MGA was making up. Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf published a public announcement contending that there was nothing unique in this claim, for there had been many liars and impostors in the past who had lived many years after making their false claims and died a natural death. Abu Ishaq Muhammad Din, a close friend of Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf has published a book, Qat‘ul-Watin, in which he has catalogued the names of such false claimants and the length of time of their ‘mission’ with reference to historical sources. Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf challenged MGA to come to their annual convention on 9th October, 1902, in Amritsar, which will be attended by some of India’s most renowned scholars, I
should promise to repent if the historical authenticity of the examples cited in Qat‘ul-Watin is accepted by the designated arbiters i.e. the Nadwatul-Ulema. MGA counters and says that the entire ulema aren’t righteous and thus, their opinions are meaningless, MGA quotes 56:79.

MGA and his team of writers thus addressed the ulema of An-Nadwah through this short booklet entitled “A Gift for An-Nadwah”. This book has 3 parts, it starts with an Arabic preface entitled At-Tabligh. This is strange, since 10 years earlier in “A’ina-e-Kamalat-e-Islam”, MGA and his team of writers had a chapter with the same name, and also in Arabic. Ther first 7 pages of this book are this Arabic rambling and then a silly Urdu poem by Mir Nasir Nawab.

Finally, the book starts, MGA quotes 69:44 and claims that Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf doesn’t believe in this verse. MGA then quotes 40:28, 20:61, 16:116 and 2:59 and accuses Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf of denying these verses of the Quran. However, MGA is grossly incorrect, Hafiz Muhammad Yusuf and 99% of the ulema disagree with MGA on the interpretations of these verses. MGA argues that all 5 of these verses prove that a false claimant to prophethood could never live, not to mention 23 years after making these claims. MGA then brings up his age prophecy, he claims that he will live til 80. MGA then claims that his words are from Allah, just like the words of Allah in the Torah and Quran. MGA writes that Muslims must obey him, or, they are answerable to God. MGA was doing Takfir of Shia’s in this era too. MGA goes on to claim that all of his prophecies in Barahin-i-Ahmadiyya Vol. 1–4 have been fulfilled. MGA then says that anyone who opposed him will live in humiliation. MGA mentions Ghulam Dastagir and his beef with him. MGA then mentions Muhammad Hasan Bhiń and how him and Pir Mehr Ali Shah accused MGA of plagiarizing Muqamat-e-Hariri.}

MGA then mentions that he is working on Nuzul ul Masih, and it should be published soon, it was eventually published by Noorudin in 1909. MGA then mentions Abu Ishaq Muhammad Din, the author of Qat‘ul-Watin, in a very sarcastic way. MGA then talks about all the signs that were shown, like the eclipses. MGA then demands that the ulema of Nadwah should come to Qadian and do a proper investigation. MGA then claims to have 100,000 Ahmadi’s with him. MGA mentions Abdullah Sahib Ghaznawi and Muhammad Ya‘qub.

Part-2 (4 pages) of this book is another book altogether called, “A REASON TO REJOICE FOR ALL MUSLIMS AND THOSE WHO SEEK THE TRUTH”. In this booklet, MGA and his team of writers tell the Muslims of India that they are losing to the Christians since they refuse to believe that Eisa (As) is dead. MGA then talks about the medicine, “Marham e Isa” and Jesus in Kashmir. MGA then claims that there is new piece of information which proves that Eisa (as) died 50 years after the incident of the cross. MGA then tells Muslims to stop believing that Eisa (As) hasn’t died yet!

_____________________________________________________________________________________________Tuhfah al-Nadwah, Page 4, Via Muhammad Ali’s, “Prophethood in Islam” (1915)

“I am God’s prophet by way of reflection and metaphor and it is incumbent upon every Muslim to obey me in matters of religion and to accept me as the Promised Messiah. Everyone who does not respond to my call even, though he be a Muslim and does not accept me an arbiter in religious matters and the Promised Messiah nor regards my revelation as divine and authentic, is accountable to God because he has rejected what he should have accepted at its proper time.”

Tuhfatun-Nadwah, p. 4-5, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 19, p. 95-96, via Hidden Treasures

“””I have repeatedly affirmed that the revelation that I put forth is certainly and absolutely the word of God, as the Holy Quran and the Torah are the word of God, and I am a zilli (reflective) and buruzi (like) Prophet of God by way of reflection. Every Muslim is bound to obey me in religious matters, and is bound to accept me as the Promised Messiah. Everyone to whom my call has reached, though he is a Muslim, and he does not accept me as arbiter and does not believe in me as the Promised Messiah, and does not esteem the revelation that is vouchsafed to me as coming from God, is accountable before heaven, for he rejects that which he was under obligation to accept at its due time. I do not say only that had I been an impostor I would surely have been destroyed, but I affirm that I am truly like Moses and Jesus and David and the Holy Prophet, peace be on him. God has exhibited more than ten thousand signs in my support. The Holy Quran bears witness for me and so does the Holy Prophet, peace be on him.”””

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