This short essay will cover MGA and his use of 69:44-46 in terms of his new theory that a false prophet never lives 23-years, whilst claiming to receive communications from Allah. MGA began using this argument in 1897, in Anjam e Athim. Watch my video explanation here. We will also show 2:61, 2:87, 2:91, 3;21, 3:112, 3:144, 3:181, 3:183, 4:155, 5:70 (That’s 10 verses) to prove how prophets had been killed in the past, it wasn’t a new thing, in fact, 3;144 of the Quran tells us that even if Muhammad (saw) was killed, it wouldn’t mean Islam is false. Furthermore, we all know how Yahya (As) was killed early on during his mission, MGA even admitted to it. In fact, in TUHFA-E-GOLARHVIYYAH, MGA admitted that the killing of a prophet is not a sign that any given prophet was a liar.

MGA argued as such in Arbain (1900) also. MGA and his team of writers wrote this in the same area wherein MGA was claiming to have

In the below, we have also posted the Al-Hakam of July 24, 1901. On page 6, MGA says that some opponents say that Akbar the king created his own religion and lived for 23 years but MGA says you need to show me a place where he said this is the revelation of God to me and lived for 23 years. On page 7, MGA claims that no person can claim prophethood and live for 23 years (see in the below). In 1904, an Ahmadi asked the editors of the Al-Hakam to explain why Bahaullah was allowed to live over 23 years after his claim of being the Messiah.

These are the verse of the Quran wherein MGA claims that any claimant to prophethood that is false would surely be killed by Allah. However, this is incorrect, this verse was only for Muhammad (saw). (See Tafsir Ibn Kathir).
[Anjam-e-Atham, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 11, pp. 49-51](Essence of Islam, online english edition, Vol. 2). 

“”””Our opposing Maulavis are well aware that God Almighty has expressed in the Holy Qur’an His disgust of one who fabricates lies against God, so much so that He has said concerning the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him) that if he had fabricated any lies against Him, He would have severed his large artery ((The reference is to the Quran, 69:45-47)).
______________________________________________________________________________________________1900 in “Arbaeen”
[RK, v 17, p. 393; starts at 6th line from bottom; Arba`een Number 3](Via Nuzhat Haneef)

ARBA‘IN, a book by MGA, quotes and data

“Thousands of Muslim Savants and spiritual leaders have always advances this argument before the infidels, and no Christian or Jew has yet to come forward to identify or point out one such person who having fabricated a claim to be an Appointee of Allah (as per prophecy), had then passed 23 years of his remaining life”


RK, v 17, p. 430-431, Arba`een Number 4

A brief summary
MGA quotes the verse of cutting the aorta (69:43, 69:44, 69:45, 69:46, 69:47, 69:48).


_____________________________________________________________________________________________1901 in Al-Hakam
[Al Hakm Vol.5 – 24 July 1901]

‘If a person can bring forth an example of a man who claimed to be a recipient of divine revelation and lived for more than 23 years, I will burn all my books myself.”

The scans

On page 7 on the right column you’ll find the quote

Akhbar Al-Hakam, Qadian, 24th October 1904, pg. 4

Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team wrote how Bahá’u’lláh claimed to be the Messiah

This is actually a quote from a question posed to al-Hakam. The Al-Hakam presented this to their team, however, they didn’t answer question. This was in terms of prophets living more than 23 years. The questioner asked the editors as to why Bahaullah lived so long after his claim.

“Bahá’u’lláh, who claimed to be Messiah (مسیح) in 1269 A.H. remained alive till 1309 A.H.”


Background on Chapter 69

Per the official Ahmadiyya commentary on the Quran, Chapter 69 was revealed very early on during the meccan period. This is when Muhammad (saw) had newly claimed to be a prophet, and Allah had assured Muhammad (saw) that he was in fact a prophet, and if he wasn’t, Allah would have already ended his life for lying. This is exactly what Ibn Kathir wrote in his famous tafsir. Further, at the time when this Ayah was revealed, Muhammad (Saw) had barely claimed prophethood, 23 years hadn’t elapsed. Moreover, this ayah was for Muhammad (saw), to clear his doubts.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quran on the killing of Prophets

The Quran repeatedley refers to how the Jews killed true prophets of Allah. In fact, Yahya (As) was assassinated. A whopping 10 verses of the Quran prove that prophets were killed, 2:61, 2:87, 2:91, 3;21, 3:112, 3:144, 3:181, 3:183, 4:155, 5:70 it wasn’t a new thing.
Nevertheless, even MGA wrote about Yahya as follows:

1891— Izala Auham, RK volume 3 page 314, he calls yahya (AS) to be Shaheed

1902—in tohfa golveria RK volume 17 page 103, he says death by killing of a prophet is no proof that the prophet is not a true prophet and then on same page later he says if Esa (AS) did not die on cross then yahya AS also did not get killed but was lifted up to heaven alive.

MGA contradicts himself

Obviously, we see MGA making the argument that if any prophet lasts 23-years, he must be true, nonetheless, MGA contradicts himself just a few years later, in a book that is backdated to 1900, however, published in 1902, i.e. Tofa Gulariva. Why did MGA always make opposing arguments? The answer is….to create wiggle room and in this case..they created it in case of the murder of MGA.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________The Quran on the killing of prophets, Part-2

So remember, the Ahmadi-mullah will do anything for job security. So Malik Ghulam Fareed, the author of the 5-volume commentary by the Qadiani branch, when it came to 2:91 (see page 150_, and 2:62, they purposely re-interpretted a clear verse of the quran only to promote the idea that prophets cannot be killed. Malik Ghulam Farid writes that the phrase “would kill the prophets”, doesn’t actually mean to kill the prophets, but to attempt to kill the prophets (See page 125 of the 1988 5 volume commentary.
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Even if Muhammad (Saw) was killed, we would still believe in Islam

The Ahmadis seem to forget how in 3:144, Allah categorically tells us that if Muhammad (SAW) is killed in battle…its nothing new.  Prophets have been killed in the past.  Here is the quotation:

“”””With regard to their being routed, when it was rumoured that the Prophet had been killed and the hypocrites had said to the believers, ‘If he has been killed, go back to your [previous] religion’, the following was revealed: Muhammad is only a messenger; messengers have passed away before him. Why, if he should die or is slain, like others, will you turn back on your heels, will you return to unbelief (the last statement is the locus of the interrogative of denial, in other words, ‘he was not a worshipped being, so that [if he were to die] you should turn back [to your previous religion]’). If any man should turn back on his heels, he will not harm God in any way, but will be harming himself, and God will requite those that are thankful, for His graces by staying firm.”””

Even the most novice Ahmadis in the world will make these ridiculous arguments:

  1.  If we are not from Allah, why are we growing?
  2.  Why didnt Allah kill MGA if he was false?
  3.  Allah just doesnt allow false prophets to live, and MGA lived 28 years after claiming divine communication.

Answers: We are living in the era of free markets. And religion is also a free market. Ahmadiyya has grown just like Sikhism, Mormonism, JW’s, 7th day adventist and many many others. Ahmadiyya has benefited immensely from Capitalism, as have these other non-profit corporations. Allah doesnt kill false prophets as Ahmadis believe, many false prophets lived long lives, in fact, Musailma Kazzab outlived Muhammad (saw). MGA claimed prophethood in 1901, he died 6 1/2 years later, so, he didnt even last as long as he should have. The funny thing here is that the qadiani branch backdates MGA’s prophethood to 1880.

Furthermore, since MGA claimed prophethood in 1901, his prophethood only lasted 6 1/2 years and thus he disproved himself with his own argument.
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