According to Abdul Mannan Omar, Malik Jaffar Khan was a member of the national assembly (MA) in 1974 when the Qadiani and Lahori-Ahmadi’s were declared as non-Muslim. He was from Attock city, and a cabinet member of Zulfikar Ali Bhutto.

He was also a Ex-Qadiani. He had his high school education in Qadian, and later left Qadiani Jamaat after witnessing the testimony of Mirza Nasir Ahmad, and even wrote a book against Qadiani beliefs etc. Malik Jaffar Khan was friend of Abdul Mannan Omar. Tehreek ahmadi book was written by jaffar before he left cult

First day Abdul Mannan Omar testified, after that on same day ZAB held meeting in evening. Meeting was attended by ZAB ministers, including Malik Jaffar Khan, and religious parties leaders, including Mufti Mahmud (father of Fazal-ul-Rehman). Late night after the meeting, Malik Jaffar Khan came to house of (marhoom) Shaikh Farooq Ahmad sahib in Rawalpindi. Abdul Mannan Omar sahib was also staying there.

Malik Jaffar Khan informed Abdul Mannan omar sahib that ZAB said: “I have listened to whole of testimony today, via audio link in my office. In my opinion we should spare Lahori Jamaat (LAM) and declare Qadianis as Kafir”. At this Mufti Mahmud said, “if we don’t declare Lahoris also Kafir, then Qadianis are bayiman (dishonest in their faith) and they will pretend as Lahoris and continue their activities. At this ZAB asked, “what is population of Lahoris?” Answer was given, “few thousands”. ZAB replied, “okay we can also declare them Kafir”. Malik Jaffar Khan also said, “it has been decided you will be declared Kafir, too. And there is no plan to call you (Abdul Mannan Omar) for testimony tomorrow (i.e. next day)”.

Abdul Mannan Omar, testified on 2nd day too. On 2nd day, as soon as speaker took his seat and opened the session, Abdul Mannan Omar sahib got up, and referred to adjourned issue from previous day. It was on subject of ‘Punishment of Apostasy in Islam’. Thus he was able to speak on 2nd day.

According to Abdul Mannan Omar, he testified first. Then after him Mirza Nasir Ahmad (Khalifa 3 of Qadiani Jamaat) testified for few days.

Bottom line: It was decided by ZAB and members of NA to declare Ahmadis (both Lahoris and Qadianis) Kafir even before LAM representative finished his testimony.


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