Per Islam, prophets never leave any inheritance for their children after they die. Authentic hadith in Bukhari proves this. However, after MGA died, he left his property behind him as an inheritance for his children. Its unclear how much this was. It doesn’t seem to have been much. The Lahori-Ahmadi’s argued as such in the 1910’s as they denied the prophethood of MGA.

Nevertheless, in 1939, the 2nd Khalifa told Ahmadi’s that the him and his family were getting a stipend as soon as Noorudin became Khalifa. The 2nd Khalifa says that he was getting 60 rupees per month, this seems to be per child, we are unsure. It is also unclear when this stipend ended, if ever. It seems that the 2nd Khalifa (before his Khilafat) had enough money to hire servants and etc. This was all kept a secret until 1939.

_________________________________________________________________________________________ Page 208-210, Tareekh-e-Ahmadiyyat volume 3, cited as AlFazl 8 November, 1939 page 7-8, Sermon delivered by KM2 on 3 November 1939)
(translated from original Urdu) passage of Tareek-e-Ahmadiyyat volume 3 (link)

“””The Promised Messiah died, but the trouble for us is that we never imagined that he would die… (Translator’s note: omission indicated in passage)… He died and some … (Translator’s note: omission indicated in passage)… advised that you demand that the alms (chanda) that come in, come in due to the Promised Messiah hence, a portion of it should be allotted to us (Translator’s note: the family of Mirza Ghulam Ahmed). I was a child then but this suggestion seemed so bad to me that I started strolling outside the room so I can discuss this with mother as soon as possible. When I got the chance I said were these alms (chanda) our inheritance? These are for God’s religion. Who has the right to take a portion from these? Then there were some people who were advising that a stipend should be allocated to the family of the Promised Messiah. Hence a friend said that we have recommended that you are given a stipend. I said we are not ready/willing for this. Why should we be dependent on people? Our property was also in a bad shape back then because the Promised Messiah had not attended to it and there was no apparent possibility for living expenditure. But my self/ego said that whatever God arranges I’ll accept. I won’t look towards men. My friend asked in response how we’ll survive. I said if God wills for us to survive, He’ll arrange Himself and if he desires us to die than death is better if He wills. Hence, I rejected both the scenarios.

The suggestion about a share was not permitted according to Shariah, but I also rejected the other (stipend) suggestion… (Translator’s note: omission indicated in passage)… Finally the first Caliph of the Messiah called me and said we don’t give you anything from ourselves. Rather there is a revelation of the Promised Messiah himself through which I have suggested a stipend and even the amount is mentioned in the revelation.

Now the matter didn’t remain of people but of God’s religion so I accepted this order. The stipend fixed then was enough for us thanks to the blessing of Allah though in this time even our children cannot live in it. I used to get sixty (60) rupees then from that I used to spend 10 rupees monthly on monthly Tashheez (Translator’s note: Ahmadi periodical). I had a wife and 2 kids. And though there was no special need, but according to family traditions my wife employed a cook and a child caretaker, who also helped in other household chores. Travel and health expenditure was also maintained from this. I also had the hobby of book collection. When I had no income other than the amount the Promised Messiah gave me for clothes, I used to keep buying books. In fact, even before that when I used to get 3 rupees monthly for copies, paper and pens etcetera, I used to save from it to buy books. Nowadays I have seen that even those with very good jobs don’t buy books but I had this passion then. From the money I used to get for living expenditure I used to buy book for reading and improving my knowledge, and I had accumulated quite a collection.”””

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