Recently, via a program called, “This week with Huzoor”, a young Ahmadi asked Mirza Masroor Ahmadi asked the Khalifa how an Ahmadi should prioritize school work and jamaat work, dated 10-8-21 (see at the 21:49 mark). Watch the condensed clip herein on tik tok also. The Khalifa seems to scold young Ahmadi’s and says that students will get time for their studies, however, they shouldn’t waste their time watching pornographies and internets. It seems that the Khalifa has been reports that young Ahmadi’s pretend to be busy with college and instead are watching pornography. It seems that this is a huge issue in the Jamaat these days.

The list of allegations

In name of education he:

1. Gossips

2. Says nonsense things

3. Wastes time here and there

4. Goes on internets

5. Watches pornographies

6. Says I am very busy
The Full video

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