Watch my video on this herein. If you have been following along, Affaf Azhar blew the whistle on the Ahmadi refugee asylum scandal in Malaysia. Affaf Azhar is currently in the legal process of filing for defamation against the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Canada Inc. Affaf also mentioned how Humanity First Canada was involved and refusing to give food rations to the Ahmadi’s who are stuck in refugee camps in Malaysia. Affaf Azhar started a famous whatsapp group for Ahmadi’s stuck in refugee status all around the world, Affaf was working with other NGO’s and was thus able to observe the Ahmadiyya Movement and their fraudulent operations in Malaysia and around the world.

Nevertheless, in the below, we have a letter from an Ahmadi living in Thailand as a refugee, his name is Saba ud Din or Sabahuddin. Sabahuddin has been living in Thailand since 2013, and in a weird way, has been a member of the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Canada.

In his letter, dated 10-10-2021, he explains how he has been incorrectly associated with a whatsapp group named “Deprived AHmdi Refugees” and named as the admin. He explains how he was given a letter of warning (tazeer), the same way Affaf Azhar was given a letter of warning (tazeer). He explains how the Ahmadiyya Jamaat of Thailand had circulated his letter of warning (tazeer) and told Ahmadi’s to boycott him. They also told him that his chanda will not be accepted and his Waqf-e-Nau is cancelled for his whole family.

Sabahuddin denies being the admin of the “Deprived AHmdi Refugees” whatsapp group, however, he admits that he created an online petition. He admits that he was involved with an online petition called “Humanity First Canada, please help refugees”. This petition mentioned how Humanity First Canada had started a refugee resettlement program on their website, Sabahuddin explains how Humanity First Canada was handing out visas based on payments by refugees and how this was unethical. Sabahuddin faxed this letter to the Khalifa in the UK. This petition was only online for 2 hours, Adnan Ahmed Khan, National Sec. Amoor-e-Aama told him to remove it. Nevertheless, Sabahuddin proved that only those Ahmadi’s with money were being allowed to get visas.

Sabahuddin then explains how his cousin from Rabwah, Mansoor Ahmed (a murrabi) has called him and given many threats. Mansoor Ahmed’s brother is Hafiz Muzzafar Ahmad who is currently working as Additional Nazir Islah O Irshaad Rabwah.

You can contact Sabahuddin at 66944373609 or via email at

I remember working with a man in California who got a visa thru Thailand and a fake asylum case. He was later investigated by the FBI and is totally missing.


dearest hazur 10 oct 2021

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