Humanity First is a fraudulent marketing arm of the Ahmadiyya Movement, they have one registered in each Western country. We recently found the balance sheet for Humanity First-USA and it shows that 40% of money donated to Humanity First in 2019 went to payroll expenses. For 2019, Total revenue: 2,574,213 (line 12)Grants: 705, 465 (line 13)Salaries, employee benefits: 942,312 (line 15). Thus, 2.5 million funds raised, almost 1 million goes to employees/salaries? And just 705,500 went to the actual cause (grants)? That would be about 30% money going to the cause (anonymous analysis from the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum). Also, a big portion of the donations goes directly to sponsor Ahmadi refugees ONLY. It’s basically money being spent to being Ahmadis to the West. Essentially, it is tied directly to the Jamaa’t even though the Jamaa’t claims that it’s separate from the Jamaa’t.

What you are talking about is “Program Expense Ratio”, It is a dubious number. It can be calculated from the form 990. Which is Part IX line 25B ÷ Part IX line 25A . 91% for Humanity first. As you can see, the salaries have been folded into program expenses, along with everything else. Charities are rife with accounting games in the US, every rich person has a charitable org to park money. This is what Mirza Tahir Ahmad cashed in on back in the 1990’s when he invented Humanity First.

One other huge point is That in the UK for every £1 donated the jamaat will receive 20p (20%) back from the UK govt so if they are raising £2m they will receive £400,000 back from the govt Which they can do whatever they like with as it’s tax free. That’s why charities are a big business in the UK. Even charities that say 100% donation they may donate your £1 but they will keep the 20p which they claim back from the govt. so imagine if you were raising £1m every year, you would have an income of £200k tax free for your own disposal!


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