As we all know, Ahmadi’s are sick people. However, Ahmadi’s at Rabwah are the worst. In a recent interview, Affaf Azhar describes life growing up in Rabwah in the 1980’s and 1990’s. She explains how men would go to areas where young girls were and put their hands in the shalwar and begin to masturbate in public (see at the 38:28 mark). She even explains how they would be breathing hard and panting. This has been archived on tik tok also. She also explains how Ahmadi men in Rabwah molest young girls regularly and unabated. Affaf also explains how female workers in the Mirza family homes are mis-treated and beat relentlessly (see the 11:00 mark). She also talked about Mirza Farid Ahmad (son of Khalifa-3) and all of his fraudulent activities in Rabwah.

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