Mirza Farid Ahmad (also spelled Mirza Fareed Ahmad)(born in 1951 at Rabwah) is the middle son of the 3rd Khalifa (Mirza Nasir Ahmad). When his father was the Khalifa, he ran wild at Rabwah, he committed high levels of fraud and many other things, see the testimony of Affaf Azhar herein (at the 16:00 mark), Affaf explains how Mirza Farid Ahmad lived the life of a playboy. Affaf Azhar has also exposed Ahmadiyya on men masturbating at Rabwah and many other things herein. She also explains how men at Rabwah would call her house and talk sexually. These men were caught, however, the management at Rabwah refused to punish them. Affaf also explains how women from Rabwah were taken outside of Rabwah and forced into a life of sex trafficking. Akber C reports on his website that Mirza Farid Ahmad arrested and spent time in jail for human smuggling.

In 2021, his niece, Nisa Al-Nasser reported multiple cases of rape at the Ahmadiyya headquarters in Rabwah and Tilford. His brother, Mirza Luqman Ahmad was 10 times worse and is known as a gangster of Rabwah.


Rafique Ahmad, Mirza Tahir Ahmad sahib, Farid Ahmad,
Mirza Nisar Ahmad Faroori sahib and Ch. Hameedullah Sahib
at Maj. Rafique Ahmad’s residence at Michni Lane, Peshawar Cantt in 1972

His siblings


  • son Mirza Anas Ahmad, (17 April 1937 – 18 December 2018).
  • daughter Amatul Shakoor, (26 April 1940 – 3 September 2019).
  • daughter Amatul Haleem, (born 29 January 1942).
  • son Mirza Luqman Ahmad, (born 9 November 1953).


He is born at Rabwah. 

His father becomes the Khalifa. He is 14 years old.

hassan-odeh-book.pdf (

The 3rd Khalifa visits Sweden again, and Hassan meets him again. Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh tells us that this time he was able to spend more time with the 3rd Khalifa, and his sons, Mirza Anas Ahmad (who was working as private secretary for his father), Mirza Farid Ahmad and Mirza Luqman Ahmad. Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh tells us that Mirza Nasir Ahmad (and family+entourage) was staying at a really expensive and fancy hotel in Stockholm. Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh and his family went to go visit the 3rd Khalifa, during the course of this visit, they invited the 3rd Khalifa and his entourage to the house of Ahmad Odeh (Hassan Bin Mahmood Odeh’s brother). Ahmad was also the Ameer of Sweden at the time, by 1990, he quit Ahmadiyya altogether.

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