In 1895, via MGA’s book Satt Bachan, Dr. Gursharanjit Singh alleges that MGA claimed to be the second coming of Baba Guru Nanak in a punjabi pamphlet named “Pargana Batala da guru”, this seems to be an ahmadiyya publication. Listen to Dr. Gursharanjit Singh’s explanation herein (1:05:34 mark). He mentions how MGA and his team of writers quoted an inauthentic Sikh book wherein it was written that Baba Guru Nanak would return. This was re-iterated in the English ROR of Oct-Nov-1919 and the ROR of May-Jun-July-1919 written by Maulvi Sher Ali. The ROR of Jan-1927 has an essay on Baba Nanak also.

Oct and Nov-1919 edition of the ROR
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Some new convert Ahmadi’s began attacking Sikhism. 
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What is “Satt Bachan” (1895) by Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team of writers


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