As we all know, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad and his team criticized our fellow Punjabi brothers, the Sikhs. MGA and his team wrote that the founder of Sikhim was actually a Muslim and etc etc etc. They went so far as to have visited the place that stored Baba Nanak’s cholla, aka tunic.  Nonetheless, we have acquired a book by an Ex-Sikh, who converted to Ahmadiyya in MGA’s lifetime and seems to have written books vs. Sikhism, very dirty books indeed.
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Baba Nanak Ka Mazhab

Mirza Ghulam ahmad was trying his utmost best to prove that Bawa Nanak was muslim, so some people from sikh sect joined Ahmadiyya religion. People who became ahmadi, Mirza ghulam ahmad asked them to write books, in favour of ahmadi religion. One of those person was Suran Singh who took the muslim name of Sheikh Muhammed Yousaf, Editor of Noor and was in a position of authority. so I read in Alfazal of 7 October of 1927 that, the book written by suran singh/mohammed yousaf was “bawa nanak ka mazhab”. The book was confiscated by the order of Mirza Mahmood. Since i read that i was on the look out for that book, although Mirza Mahmood made sure that all the copies were destroyed. I was lucky to acquire it, so obviously “all” copies were not destroyed. I am posting to share it with everyone who can read urdu and help is required to establish the reason, what was in it that made Mirza mahmood confiscate it.

From Alfazal I translate: By confiscating the book “baba nanak ka mazhab” hazrat Imam jamaat ahmadia has set such an example, does not exist in current religious world but also example/deed like this is impossible to find in previous centuries. It was expected that people who are slandering/using bad language against each other, would benefit from it. We are very surprised to read in a sikh Akhbar “Sher E Punjab” of 25 September, which has seen this action (confiscation of the book) with a very different angle. Sher e Punjab writes ” realising and finding the contents of this book illegal and extremely Infuriating and wrathful, every copy of this book is being searched and destroyed in qadian,so that police is unable to find its existence. Although, to start of with, hundreds of copies, were distributed to leaders of ahmadiyya jamaat
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