A.Q. Niaz or sometimes written as Sufi A.Q. Niaz or Sufi Abdul Qadeer was a Qadiani-Ahmadi pioneer missionary to Japan in 1935. He was arrested in 1937 (under suspicion of being a spy) and even had a female maid working in his house (see ROR of May-1939). He was the son of a companion of MGA (See ROR of Feb-1940).

He became the editor of the ROR in May-1938. Malik Ghulam Farid was the previous editor. It seems that he had just came back from Japan on a missionary tour. He ceased being the editor in Sep-1939 and Oct-1939, when Ali Mohammad (B.A. and B.T.) took over. However, this was only for a few months. By November, A. Q. Niaz was the main editor again, this lasted until Feb-1944. From March-1944 to July-1944, and once again, Ali Mohammad (B.A. and B.T.) filled in as editor. A. Q. Niaz returned in the Aug-1944 edition of the ROR and mentioned his absence as a result of ill health (he had a nervous breakdown).In the ROR of Aug-1944, A. Q. Niaz explains how the ROR is doing bad and suffering from a lack of customers (during WW-2), much like most newspapers in the area. A. Q. Niaz says that in Sep of 1938, subscriptions to the ROR were barely 200 and now its 450, which contradicts his previous statements on the lack of subscribers. A. Q. Niaz explains how the ROR is operating at a loss.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ 1935
Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 7

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ROR of Sep-1935

The first Ahmadi Muslim missionary to be sent to Japan was Sufi Abdul Qadeer, who was sent by the second Caliph. He arrived in Japan on June 4, 1935 (See ROR of Oct-1937 also). Qadeer was later joined by another companion, Abdul Ghafoor. However, due to the escalating war, the mission had to be abandoned, and the two missionaries had to return to their country in 1941. arrived in Japan in the city of Kobe, located on Osaka Bay in central Japan. Once there, he made it a priority to begin learning Japanese and dedicated himself to this task. Day and night, he busied himself in propagating Islam in Japan. He delivered lectures in many places.


The ROR of May-1938 alleges that A.Q. Niaz was living in Kobe, Japan and trying to get converts. A friend of his named A.G. Nasir is also living there.

(Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyyat, Vol. 8, pp. 219-220)

In January 1937, the 2nd Khalifa, under the Tahrik-e-Jadid scheme, sent Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor to Japan. Before departing, Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor received a letter of guidance from the 2nd Khalifa. In the letter, the 2nd Khalifa reminded Maulvi Sahib of his purpose for travelling to Japan. The 2nd Khalifa stated that once there, he would face many difficulties such as financial difficulties and advised to always remain steadfast, and to continuously seek Gods help and have firm faith in Him. The 2nd Khalifa advised to keep up to date with the current affairs of Japan and to continuously, on a daily basis, read their newspapers. When Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor arrived in Japan, he started to learn Japanese from Sufi Abdul Qadeer. He remained in Japan, preaching the true Islam, for four years. Later, he returned to Qadian in 1941.

The ROR of Oct-1937 alleges that Sufi Abdul Qadeer founded the mission in 1935.

He becomes editor of the ROR in May-1938.

He translated the 2nd Khalifa’s book into english.

He left Japan in June of 1938 and the Ahmadiyya mission in Japan was cancelled. The ROR of May-1939 alleges that A.G. Nasir took over the Ahmadiyya mission, however, this is dubious.

The ROR of May-1939 explains how he got arrested in Japan in 1937.

The ROR of Sep-1939 shows a new editor of the ROR, Ali Mohammad (B.A. and B.T.).

He is mentioned in the ROR of Feb-1940, as well as his book about the life of the 2nd Khalifa. The book was called “Fazl-i-Omar” and was released at the 1939 Jalsa at Qadian.

He translated a speech of the Khalifa into english.

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He translated a book of Mirza Bashir Ahmad into english.

He prepared a book on Bahai’s in 1960.

He also translated another book into english.

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