Per Ahmadiyya sources, “Satt Bachan” translates as the “The True Word” (see Hidden Treasures). It was published by MGA and his team of writers in 1895, it is in urdu only. Per Muhammad Ali in 1915, it was published in October of 1895. In this book, MGA and his ghost writers wrote that Esa (as) lived an additional 87 years after the event of crucifixtion, that would make his age at death to be 120, since Esa (As) was 33 at the event of crucifixtion. Up to this point (September of 1895), MGA and his team hadn’t surmised that Esa (as) died in Kashmir, however, they did come up with the age of 120. This comes from the time-frame wherein MGA and his team were slowly developing the Yuz Asaf=Jesus in India theory. MGA also writes that the CHOLA of Guru Baba Nanak physically came down from heaven.

In 1875, Pandit Dyanand had written a wrote a book, entitled Satyarath Prakash, in which he declared that Guru Nanak was illiterate, who posed as a man of learning and it was out of sheer vanity and conceit that Baba Nanak was made a saint by ignorant people after his death. MGA seems to have been responding to that in this book. MGA sent a deputation to the custodian of the Chola Sahib in Dera Baba Nanak, the deputation reported that they had seen written on the Chola verses from the Holy Quran. MGA then decided to see the Chola of Baba Nanak Sahib himself. So, he went to Dera Baba Nanak on September 30, 1895. The custodians of the Chola did not know what was written on it. The custodians found it unusual that one should be so interested to see the Chola in original. The keeper, who was paid fourteen rupees by the people who accompanied MGA, allowed the writings on the Chola to be copied out. It openly declared that “Islam was the only true religion and Muhammad was the Messenger of God.”

It covers pages 112 to 307 of Ruhani Khuzain, the book is 192 pages, MGA signs off 12-1-1895, on the last page.

Mirza criticised the Sikhism of his time in this book. To prove his fabrications, Mirza fabricated stories and attributed some of the poetry to Baba Gurunanak which was actually composed by Bhagat Kabir a hindu saint. In his book Mirza made mockery of some of the rituals and beliefs of the Sikh community. Mirza also declared Garanth Sahib, the holy book of Sikh, as a fake one. He also quoted a cloak bearing Quraanic verses gifted by Amir of Baghdad to Baba Gurunanak. Mirza also accused and criticised Pandit Dayanand for using obnoxious words against Baba Gurunanak.

Mirza extended this criticism against Sikhmat in his book Surma chashm Ariya as well. One of disciples of Mirza, namely Shaikh Yusuf said to be a formar Sikh, has also fuelled the fire by writing book against Sikh religion on the same lines.

This foolish move by Mirza sent a wave of contempt and provocation amongst the Sikhs in India. They made great hue and cry against Muslims thinking Mirza to be a muslims. Sardar Seva Singh One of the most enthusiastic Sikhs, brought out three books in response to Mirza and his disciple, one of them titled as Noor e pur Fatoor. (A light full of evils). The other one being Chola Sahib, In these books the author not only criticised Mirza but he also attacked on Islam, Arabs and Muslims. Author held Quraan to be an unauthentic book, not from Allah but collected by Sahaba from tree, bones and leaves, years after prophet of Islam. The author also wrote in the books that Nauzubillah Hazrat Muhammad s.a.w. has falsely created certain verses of Quraan regarding Paradise.

Older editions of Satt Bachan

RK 10 – Sut Bhuchan 1902 edition

RK 10 – Sut Bhachan (after 1902 edition)

Via Muhammad Ali’s “Prophethood in Islam” (1915)
pp. 55, 56

“It has been Allah’s dispensation since the creation of this world that He has been manifesting His presence on His chosen ones. No one can approach Allah directly. A complete and perfect faith in His Being is achieved only by one whom the All-powerful and Majestic convinces of His existence by His voice ‘I am here’ (anal maujud) or the one who associates with the former so much so that both get merged into one. There are thus these two ways (of accessibility to Allah) which exist in this world. Since Allah the Most High has planned various stages in His creation, viz., plants, minerals, animals and even celestial bodies and there are objects which benefit others and objects which are benefited by others, He has placed the human beings in two categories ton. Firstly, those high-calibred persons who have been directly gifted with innate light just as the sun is. Secondly, those who derive light from the sun as they are not capable of acquiring it themselves. The point may be elaborated by the illustration of the sun and the moon which the Holy Quran has referred to in 91:1, 2: ‘By the sun and his brightness. And the moon when she borrows light from him.’ Now the moon is there by reason of the existence of the sun. Likewise, there is the remotest, possibility of the existence of auliva (friends of Allah) in the absence of prophets — the most accomplished and perfect models for human beings. This is a law of nature which we observe day and night. Allah is unique and loves unity in His works. He has produced a thousand objects from a single object both in physical and spiritual spheres. Thus prophets who are the most perfect models for human beings are like fathers to auliya and righteous persons in the spiritual sense, and stand in relation to them as a father is to his son in every day life. Hence, Allah has manifested His dispensation so that His affairs do not go beyond His unity. He Himself guides the prophets and is the source of making them aware of the sublime gnosis. None has obliged Him to publicise His domain after seeking Him by prudence and insight. Rather it is mankind which is under obligation to Him for raising prophets for guidance and awareness. We learnt about that incomprehensible, subtle and inapprehensible Creator through these prophets. Had not the prophets been sent down in this world, the learned and un-lettered would have been equally unaware of His munificence. It is the teaching of prophets which increased our comprehension and sharpened our wit. We have just explained that a child is incapable to speak unless proper instruction is imparted to him. Then, how can we comprehend Him Who is inscrutable and beyond our conception?”
Satt Bachan, p.164, 1902 edition

MGA seems to say that many Adam (as)’s have came into this world and many Eisa (as)’s came and were killed. 
Satt Bachan, inside title page, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p.112, see also Hidden Treasures

“””As some papers run by Sikhs have spread this misconception that this book was written with some bad intention or to hurt the feelings, therefore it is pertinent to state that this book is written with all the good intentions and after thorough research. The basic aim of this
book is to highlight his great piety and spiritualism and he completely separated himself from Hindu Vedas. He found that the God presented by Islam sparkles with Majesty, Power, Holiness and is Omnipotent. And it is because of his great piety that he declared his belief in Islam. That is because we stated those cogent reasons and proves of this belief. This view was also supported by many British scholars. This is the reason that we have included in this book extracts from Dictionary of Islam page (583-591) by Reverend Hughe’s which clearly state that Guru Baba Nanak was converted to Islam. “”
Satt Bachan, Roohany Khazaen, Vol. 10, P. 296; Satt Bachan, P. 172, footnote

“”””Jesus could not portray himself as a pious man because everyone knew that he was a gluttonous alcoholic… His claim to Godliness was a result of his bad habit of drinking Wine.”””
Satt Bachan, first edition, 1875, p. 29 footnote, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p. 141 footnote] Via the 2018 online edition of Tadhkirah

“”Thirty years ago, I was given knowledge of his ((Bava Nanak)) circumstances in very clear visions…. In a state of vision, in those days I met him or had other experiences resembling a meeting. Since a long time has passed, the vision experienced originally has escaped my memory”””

Satt Bachan, Iqrar, page 37, RK-10, page 157

“”Some people are astonished by the comment that this chola descended from the heavens and Allah wrote on it with his own hand, but looking at the immense powers of Allah, it is nothing astonishing at all, as nothing is beyond his abilities”.
Satt Bachan, page 274

MGA didn’t know simple Arabic and said that lam yalid means God was not anyone’s son… however that is was yulid means, not yalid.


Satt Bachan, Endnote concerning page 164, pp. A-B, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p. 301-302, see also Hidden Treasures

“”””This ointment is blessed one which is beneficially used on wounds and removal of sign of wounds. Physicians agree that this ointment was prepared by the disciples for the treatment of his wounds. When Hadrat ‘Isa was arrested by Jews and the Jews put him on the Cross with the intention of killing him and proceeded to stretch him on the Cross, God saved him from the evil designs of the Jews and he suffered only slight wounds on his body and because of this curious ointment he was cured and the signs of the wounds disappeared. This fact is even attested by the New Testament that when Jesus was delivered from the Cross, in reality he regained his life. He met his disciples and conveyed the news that he was alive. Disciples were
surprised how he did escape from the Cross and thought it might be that they were looking at his soul. Then Jesus showed his wounds which were caused when he was put on the Cross. Then the disciples came to believe that he was delivered from the Jews.

It is the simplicity of the Christians who believe that Jesus died on the Cross and got an entirely new life if it were so, God had the power of granting him a new life and could also totally cure his wounds, specially when it is said that the body that was elevated to heaven was the reflective one that he was seated on the right hand side of God and if it was so, how the wounds could exist on the reflective body. Jesus himself compared this to the event of Jonah.
Jonah did not die in the belly of the fish and had he died, then there was no point in making a comparison….

He lived in hiding for forty days in the settlement under Pilate during which the application of the said ointment cured him and the good natured disciples disseminated the news that he was elevated to the heaven, in fact it was very wise move that the thoughts of Jews were diverted and it was decided beforehand that at an appointed date Jesus would leave the settlement that was under the jurisdiction of Pilate. Disciples saw him off and Ahadith of Tabarani also prove
that Jesus lived another 87 years after this event and during this time he was constantly visiting one country after another and that is why he is known as a Messiah—a person on tour. “””””
Satt Bachan, Ruhani Khaza’in, vol. 10, p.307

“””haaa, humnay kissee kitab may yay bee leekha hay, kay hazrat maseeh kee balad-e-shams may cover hay, magar ab saye tahkeek humaain es baat kay likhnay kay liye mujboor kartee hay, kay vakhay cover vohee hay, jo Kashmir may hai. Aur Mulke Sham kee cover zinda durbur ka nomoona tha, jissay vo nickel aye.””


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