Listen to Zia Rasul explaining this entire story herein. Then listen to Dr. Syed Holy Spirit explain this scenario herein. In Kitab-ul-Barriya (A brief sketch of my life)(1898). Many lies were told in this book. MGA specifically lied about Qadian being a fortress wherein some of the walls were 22 feet high, and so wife that 3 carts could easily move in it, similar to the great wall of China. MGA also claimed that a mosque of the family was converted into a Sikh temple, and that there was a library that contained 500 old quranic manuscripts, which was burnt. MGA claimed that his grandfather, Mirza Gul Muhammad lived 100 learned religious men, everyone of these workers, even the women read the 5 daily prayers. However, these are all lies. Factually, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad’s father (Mirza Ghulam Murtaza) never even read his prayers in his whole life and he lived in Qadian before the Sikhs invaded. Similarly, MGA and his family lied to Lepel Griffin in the 1865 (and subsequent editions) edition of the Punjab Chiefs and claimed to be royalty, whereas in reality, they were poor farmers. Mirza Ghulam Ahmad even claimed that a minister of the Mughal Empire, named Ghias al-Daula came to Kadian. However, this name doesn’t exist in the history of the Mughal’s.

From the Lahori-Ahmadi version of Kitab ul Barriya, page 8

“”By and by, the Sikhs kept taking control of the villages of our estate till the late grandfather was left with only one, Qadian. At that time Qadian was a small fortress town, with four towers in which the fighting men were stationed. There were a few guns, and the rampart was about
twenty-two feet high and so wide that three carts could easily move abreast on it.”””

Urdu Scan from Kitab ul Barriya, RK-13, pages 163-164

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