As we all know, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was terrified of leading salaat, even Zuhr and Asr. As a result of this, there was one issue wherein all the imam’s were missing from Qadian and Mirza Ghulam Ahmad asked Hakeem Fazl uddin to lead the prayers, even though it was known very well that he suffered from frequent passing of gas. Thus, MGA established a fatwa wherein all Ahmadi’s who passed gas can still lead the salat. Interestingly, Mir Muhammad Ismail related this report in 1923. In summary, MGA says it’s okay to lead the prayer while Reeh comes coming out of your ass every moment, however, the prophet Muhammad SAW said that you must leave the prayer if you ever get Reeh.


“””Stated to me by Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail that once Due to some reasons Molvi Abdul Karim could not lead the prayers, Molvi Nooruddin was also not present, so Hazrat Sahab ( MGAQ) asked Hakeem Fazluddin to lead the prayer. Hakeem Fazluddin excused to offer the services by saying how can i lead the prayer when huzur know that i have been suffering from PILES and can,t maintain my ablution (WAZU) due to gaseous emissions all the time. Huzur asked hakeem Fazluddin, are your prayers valid despite the problem? He said yes they are valid. Then lead the prayer, our prayer will also be valid said hazrat sahab”””

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