Dr. Sayyad Mir Muhammad Isma’il or spelled Syed Meer Muhammad Ismail was the younger brother of MGA’s second wife Nusrat Jehan, and the elder son of Mir Nasir Nawab. He had a younger brother named Muhammad Ishaq. Per MGA, Dr. Mir Muhammad Isma’il was roughly 10 years old in 1887. Thus he was born in 1877 and only 7-years old when his elder sister got married to MGA, Ahmadiyya sources are conflicted on his date of birth, some sources give 18 July 1881 as his DOB (see the Al-hakam archives, online via twitter). He also narrated some famous traditions about MGA which were recorded into Seeratul Mahdi. He died on July 18th, 1943, just a year before his younger brother, he was aged 61, which is relatively young, there are conflicting reports on this, some sources claim that he died in July of 1947. He had 2 wives, his first wife of Syed Shaukhat Sultana, who was a close relative, most likely a cousin, however, there were no children from this marriage.  He married again to the daughter of Mirza Muhammad Shafi (a member of the Sadr Anjuman in Qadian), his daughter’s name was Amtul Latif. They had 10 children together, 7 girls and 3 boys. She was born in 1902 and died on 16 September 1964.  On the instigation/arrangement of Hazrat Amaan Jan (nusrat Jehan) Mir M Ismaeel married her in 1917 at the time when he was assistant surgeon in Civil Hospital of Paniput.

He is born.

He writes a letter to MGA that is full of embarrassing lies, for example, he claims that his mother has died and his younger brother has died, he is thus all alone and only 10 years old. This story is archived in an early biography on the life of MGA, entitled, Al-Bushra.

After MGA’s famous debate with Abdullah Athim, ahmadiyya sources report that Mir Muhammad Ismail left Ahmadiyya. However, this is strange since he lived at Qadian and inside MGA’s house and was barely 11 years old.

He claims that MGA used to lead prayers inside of their house (they all lived together, he claims that MGA would lead prayers for the ladies of the house and the small kids.

He was sent to study medicine in 1900
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that his sister (the wife of MGA) bore the full expenses of his education. However, its likely that chanda money was used to pay for his education, since his father was unemployed and received no pension. His sister had no money either, in those days, women weren’t given money to spend at their own whims.

1900–Khutbah Ilhamiya
Ahmadiyya sources tell us that he was present in Qadian during Khutbah Ilhamiya and even memorized the material, which seems to be a lie.

Oct 2 1902–Oct 5th, 1902
He traveled from Qadian to District Saharanpur (UP) with Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad, his father (Mir Nasir Nawab) and Noorudin to perform the marriage ceremony of Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud’s Ahmad’s only sister-law from his first marriage. Dr. Rasheed ud Din  received them at the train station (See Fazl-e-Omar, online english edition). He had only 2 daughters, no sons, the elder daughter had married off to Mirza Basheer ud Din Mahmud Ahmad earlier in the year.

He was appointed as 1 of only 14 senior ranking Ahmadi’s to the newly formed Sadr Anjuman.

He began working as an assistant surgeon.

May 25, 1908
MGA died and Dr. Mir Muhammad Ismail was not able to make it to Qadian.  He must have been in an area that was experiencing flooding and plague and was thus unable to leave.  Instead, he wrote a letter to his sister (MGA’s wife).

He gets married a second time.
Daughter–Syeda Maryam Siddiqua–married to the Khalifa in 1935
Daughter–Amtul Sahiba—married to Pir Salaud deen marhoum
Daughter—Tayyabba Sahiba—married to Nawab Mansoor Ahmad Khan Marhoum
Daughter–Amtul Qadooos—married Mirza Wasim Ahmad (her first cousin, a son of the Khalifa)
Daughter–Amtul Rafiq Sahiba–married to Hazratullah Pasha Sahib
Daughter–Amtul Sami Sahiba—married to Mirza Rafi Ahmad
Daughter–Amtul Hadi Sahiba—-married to Pir Zia ud Din
Son—Syed Muhammad Ahmad—
Son—Syed Tahir Ahmad Nasir—
Son—Syed Amin Ahmad—-

His eldest child, Syeda Maryam Siddiqua is born.

Seeratul Mahdi is published and claims that MGA did lead prayers a few times (which is a lie).

1935–His daughter
She was married off to the Khalifa on September 30th, 1935 (see Fazle Omar, online english edition, see pages 221–223). Her age at the time of marriage is unknown, the Khalifa was 46 years old, and this was a replacement wife, the Khalifa already had 4 wives, however, one of them had died in 1934, so there was an opening. Again in 1944, another wife of the Khalifa died, the Khalifa married again in just a few months. Ahmadiyya sources tell us that she was the main scribe for the Khalifa as he dictated his famous Urdu-only commentaries of the Quran.

1933 29 January, page 9–Dr. Sayyed Muhammad Isma’il’s comments on his life before Ahmadiyya

Title: My Condition before becoming Ahmadi

“”””At the time, that I was not ahmadi, I do not want to reveal all the details, but my NATURE was:

I was displeased from Salat, mutinous from Holy Quran, disgusted with Fasting, foul mouth, (bud zabaan), shameless (bud Lagaam), corrupt with immoral behavior, (bud chalan), sinful (bud kaar).  I did not refrain from alcohol, or stayed away from bad (gandi) gatherings, was miser without boundaries. Never gave a penny in the name of Allah apart from spending money on self, wife and children, and on personal entertainments and enjoyments (khail tamasha).  Apart from frightening and pointless dreams, never saw a good dream.

Never sat in the company of pious person and always joined in with bad, immoral and faithless people.  I was very hard hearted, selfish, cruel natured, bad tempered, rude, bitter, rebellious and arrogant person.  Never sat in the company of pious people.  The talk in our meetings used to be, of the beauty of “Non Mehram women”, backbiting, making mischief, and creating conflicts.

Purpose of our life was to eat, sleep and sexual acts. Never remembered God. Discussions about deen, was reduced to making jokes and laughed about. Respect for my elders and parents set aside, they all were afraid and trembled from me.  Concerning the employment and the earnings, squeezed very last penny earned by unfair means (he would grab every single penny). Never slept peacefully at night, until I received bribes.  Stealing, I would acquire/confiscate any expensive, precious and of top quality, available from the government property. If those were already noted in a register, I would replace those with my old, broken and tattered things of the same name.  I would mingle and keep friends, with cruel natured, influential and powerful people, and arranged and inflicted huge cruelties on innocent people.

Forced poor people to sell their houses to pay for bribes.  Got the innocent girls/women raped.  Inflicted injuries on physically weak people and innocent children with poles (danda)and cain.  Conspired, instigate and arranged with greedy, vagabonds and scoundrels of the local area, and incited them to inflict the thefts in the local town (mahala).

The scan


He writes about the Khalifa as follows:

“””One major allegation is that Khalifa [MMA] is promiscuous. About this I would say that I am a physician, and I know that those people who are promiscuous and indulge in promiscuity even for few days, their condition becomes what is called in English language ‘wreck’. Such person’s brain does not work. His intelligence is messed up. His movements are not normal. In short his all powers are destroyed. By observing him from his head to toe, immediately makes it clear that this man has destroyed himself by indulging himself in to promiscuity. Therefore it is said, “Adultery uproots the person from his foundation (Quote from Holy Quran)”””” “. Reference: Al-Fazil. July 10, 1937

Scan about his marriage
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655 (1)

He dies and is buried in Qadian (See this video, at the 48:16 mark specifically—  However, Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya claims that he died on July 18th, 1947.  Nevertheless, he is buried in Qadian and was forced to do Wasiyyat before he died just so that he could be buried in Bahishti Maqbara, he wasn’t exempt, since only the children of MGA were exempt.

The scan about his death from Tarikh-e-Ahmadiyya
Tarikh e Ahmadiyyat Vol 22 655

After he died, the Qadiani jamaat at Rabwah, published a letter of his to the Lahori-Ahmadi’s. These were probably made up…no one really knows. Muhammad Ismaeel (Ahmadi Qadiani) Response to the Letter of Dr. Hasan Ali (Lahori Qadiani) letter starts from page 40. Translation from a Topic ‘Aik Khas Daleel From the Letter)

Furqaan 1965. May-June edition:


Muhammad Ismaeel (Ahmadi Qadiani) Response to the Letter of Dr. Hasan Ali (Lahori Qadiani) letter starts from page 40. Translation from a Topic ‘Aik Khas Daleel From the Letter) Recently I met with Mulvi Abu al Athar and had conversation with him on these topics ( MGQ is Wali, Muhadis not Prophet) but he couldn’t present any logical proof. Now I want to present you a specific Logic with new angle to solve the issue. We both (Lahori and Ahmadi) are followers of MGQ, we believe he is truthful and honest. One Place Hazor(MGQ) says Maseeh Nasri (Jesus As ) is alive then he says Maseeh Nasri( Jesus AS) is dead. Then MGQ says Maseeh Nasri( Issa AS) will decend from skies(heaven) but then in another place MGQ says Issa As will not descend from Heaven (MGQ ) Says Maseeh and Mahdi are two different personalities then he says Maseeh and Mahdi is one person. Sometimes he (MGQ) says Mahdi will be Fathmi (from The race of Fatima and Ali RZA) but then says I (MGQ) am Mahdi. Somewhere he (MGQ) says I have no resemblance with Maseeh Nasri( Issa AS) he is a glorious Prophet but he (MGQ) also says I am superior and more glorified to Isaa AS . Somewhere he (MGQ) says he is not Prophet but only Mujadid and Muhadis but also Claims to be Nabi and Rasool. Somewhere he says those who refute me (MGQ) don’t become Non-believer of Islam (Kafir) but also says those who refutes me (MGQ) are N0n-Beliver (Kafirs) . He was offering Prayers behind Non-Ahmadis (Muslims) but then he called him Haram too and ordered not to make relationships (especially Marriages) with them. He translated Mutawifika as “will give you full blessings” and the announced 1000 Rupees prize if someone if anyone will prove it in meaning other than DEATH. He (MGQ) say one Prophet is not subordinate of the other Prophet but then says one Prophet can be subordinate of other Prophet. He did completely opposite definitions of Nabi (Prophet) in different books. Somewhere he says he is Maseel Maseeh (like Jesus AS), not Jesus AS. Jesus AS will definitely come but then says I am Maseeh none will come after me. Thus if you can show from the ten similar references from the books of Hazoor (MGQ), we can show you Hundred references apposite to your Ten references BUT we are clear that Hazoor ( MGQ) kept on changing his statements as per revelations but then again it becomes very difficult for a stranger to understand the contradictions in his claims. We presented you HAQIQAT-UL-WAHI but you presented AZALA-E-AWHAM and then debate on contradictions, arguments becomes unpleasant, it becomes difficult to understand the true logics. It does not become tough time for Pious and Wise but insult for Stubborn and denier. I am presenting you a way-out for the difference and opposite opinion in Hazoor (MGQ) writings which is UNDENIABLE FACT. Either this is the Prophet Hood (of MGQ) but also in the death and Life of ISSA AS. Anyway you (LAHORI QADIANSI) also accept that Prophets can do IJTIHADI Mistakes (Mistakes with consent from ALLAH), some mistakes are due to the translations or understanding of Prophet (MGQ). Sometimes Prophets do mistakes due to HUMAN-NATURE or MENTAL-CONDITION, when Prophet (MGQ) say “it was revealed to me” (this may not be revealed to them but they assumed). These all factors makes Prophet (MGQ) prone to mistakes. He (MGQ) can do mistakes to various factors but he (MGQ) cannot do mistake in God’s Kalam (Revelations) descended on him (MGQ) because in this case his (MGQ) Humanity is not involved. This revelations are free from Mistakes. The disputes and quarrels are as, for example Hazoor (MGQ) says about Maseeh Nasri (Issa AS) that he is alive and will descend but then says he (Issa AS) has died and I (MGQ) is Maseeh. Page 45 Though a wise man will conclude the facts but people like Maulana Sanaullah will make a dispute out of it (these conflictive statements and contradictions) and then fights. Why you (Lahori Qadianis) ignore (Mulvi Sanaullah) and look into all revelations of Hazoor(MGQ), you will get many signs that Maseeh Nasri ( Issa AS) is not alive but we made you (MGQ) you Maseeh ibne Maryam and promised messiah etc. So then we (Qadianis) decide the Prophet Hood of MGQ from the God’s revelations. You have published MGQ revelations in three Volumes as ‘AL-Mubashira” and we published it as “Thadkira” Please don’t divert your attention to Hazoor (MGQ) statement when according to his (MGQ) understanding stated or wrote what? Because you will get varying statements which will cause differences and quarrels between us (Ahmadi Qadianis and Lahori Qadiani) BUT you read all the revelations and then ask us you won’t find a single revelation in which stated that MGQ is not Nabi and Rasool. Allah who cannot do mistake and Knows Ilm-e-Ghaib , knows the future differences and delusion would have definitely revealed that MGQ is not Prophet to protect people from Fitna ( deceive) but we do not find anywhere that he is refuted and not called Nabi, instead we find it from the start till end he(MGQ) is called Nabi, Mursil and Rasool, so we ( Ahmadi Qadianis) have no choice to accept him as Prophet as per God’s saying. So as Per God’s revelations, whose words are without doubt call Hazoor (MGQ) prophet without any doubt ,to overcome differences by IGNORING the DIFERRENCES in his (MGQ) WRITINGS/STATEMENTS. We have to Judge his (MGQ) writing/Statements by Muhkamat (Orders) as per Gods Orders in revelations, so thus if you will Publish ONLY those revelations which states that Maseeh Maood (MGQ) is not NABI but MUJDID, not RASOOL but MUHADIS, not MURSIL but a MOMIN and SIDDIQUE we will in response publish those revelations in which Hazorr MGQ is proclaimed Nabi and Rasool, we will support our published articles by various references then our ( Lahori and Ahmadi Qadianis) position will be clear to everyone. Page 46 Author presents Various Quranic verses to support his arguments. “I Maseeh E Muhammad is better than Maseeh E Musvi” These revelation from God cannot be rejected (after providing verses from Quran), then we (Ahmadi Qadianis) will ask you (Lahori Qadianis) to present revelations of GOD but we and you know the revelations for rejection of Prophet Hood. This is the simple and easiest way to sort out differences. What you have written about Khilafat-e- Jmaat-e-Ahmadia , a sensible person can guess easily that this is the same state which was enforced By Sahaba ( Friends Of MGQ) By collective decision and Collective IJMAA after death of Hazoor (MGQ), which was most suitable and right decision. ‘IF SOMEONE THINK OF NEW PLAN, GETS HIMSELF SEPARATED FROM THE IJMA, HE MUST RETHINK ON HIS POSITION AND STATUS” At the end I want to bring in your Notice about indecent sentence in your letter where you state that “if the beliefs of Jamaat-e-Qadian would have correct, I would have joined you long ago”. I (Muhammad Ismail) believe this is self-Praise which you will regret or this may be the reason that you an old and sincere got deluded. ( Allah Knows Better) Wsalam. Muhammad Ismaeel




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