Per Ahmadiyya sources, the only child of MGA’s to matriculate, then get a Bachelor’s degree, and then a Master’s degree was Mirza Bashir Ahmad. The first time that he was listed as “M.A.” was in the November-1916 edition of the English-ROR. Before November-1916, he wrote essay’s in the ROR and was never listed as “M.A.” or “B.A.” or anything (see the Aug-1916, March and May of 1915, Sep and June of 1914 and a few others). Ahmadiyya sources claim that he got an M.A. in Arabic in 1916, ironically, he never wrote anything in arabic, no essay’s at all.

In 2018, a book from some Qadiani-Ahmadi’s in Canada was published entitled, “From Sialkot to Vancouver”. In this book, they claim that Mirza Bashir Ahmad entered Government College in Lahore and was a roommate of Shamshad Ali Khan (see page 112)(the future father-in-law of Zafrullah Khan). However, the source was not given. Nor do they tell us when he matriculated or when he got the B.A.

Scan from the November-1916 edition of the ROR

Narration #59, 1923 edition, Seeratul Mahdi, page 41

Mirza Bashir Ahmad was jumping back and forth and MGA said that make sure he becomes an M.A.


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