An anonymous person on twitter sent me this transcript. This is in terms of the leaked audio phone call which is burning down the Ahmadiyya Kanjar house via Nida Al-Nasser, #JusticeforNida.

Context: The woman in the call is 36 year old Nida-Ul-Nasser (Nida Tahir), the grand-daughter of the fourth Khalifa, Mirza Tahir Ahmad. According to the family tree, Bibi Faiza (daughter of the 4th Khalifa) and her then-husband Mirza Luqman Ahmad (son of the 3rd Khalifa) have three children. Nida is one of those children. Now an adult, it is she who is making the allegations in this recording. It is Nida who wants to see action taken against multiple named alleged abusers in the family. This includes the brother of the Khalifa’s wife, Mahmood Ahmad Shah, currently President of Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan. She states that she will share this so that it’s not swept under the rug. She is advised by the current Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, not to do that. (quoted from RoF twitter)

In this conversation, four parts stand out. First, the Khalifa does not believe there is a difference between adultery and rape in Islamic law, and she must produce 4 witnesses. Second, the allegations do not only involve Mahmood Shah. A ring of abuse at Khilafat House in Pakistan is alleged, with several family members including her own father. In fact, she states that she has been molested by multiple members of the family since childhood, and later raped multiple times a week. Third, Nida speaks of previous cases of the Khalifa bullying people into silence, including a case with Sister Uzma being sent to Dubai. Lastly, she alleges that there is a Mafia behind the Khalifa, who she has alleged were behind the murder of Brother Attar following an ‘affair between Attar and Uzma’.

Transcript: 1:45 Khalifa: If the abuser does not come forward and state that he did it, there is no punishment according to Sunnah. Nida: I have already given clear cut evidence of this abuse.

2:20 Nida: Is it so good that for 36 years my rights have not been fulfilled, and this has all happened in that time? Khalifa: For 26 years you did not do anything about it and should have, and that is your mistake. Nida: Okay, that this is my only mistake here.

2:40 Khalifa: To get justice for rape you will need a witness, according to Sharia. Nida: On Alislam [the Jamaat’s official website] it says otherwise. Khalifa: You need 4 witnesses.

4:15 Khalifa: There are two options. One that four witnesses are brought forward. Nida: The evidence I have already provided shows multiple indecencies, you are not doing anything about any of them. Khalifa: As far as I know in terms of the Quran and Hadith, for rape you still need a witness. Nida: In adultery, not rape. Khalifa: Adultery, rape, there is no difference. Nida: No. No. Absolutely not. Khalifa: Do you know more than me? [He uses Hadith of Prophet Muhammad as an excuse] Khalifa: 4 witnesses are required for rape.

6:15 Nida: Besides the rape, the evidence I’ve provided via emails and WhatsApp chats shows clear cut evidence of more indecencies. Khalifa: I had someone explain it to you, I’ve accepted some small mischief.

7:30 Nida: You are not the supreme head of the British Government, no British court will accept your stance. They will not accept that there is no indecency going on here. Khalifa: We will see about that when you call a British national to the British Court. My advice to your will be that you drop this case, even if the rape happened, and I don’t know if it happened or not. Even if it has, I am sure those involved would have asked for forgiveness already. Nida: No. There is no way I will leave this under any circumstance. Khalifa: Well I say you leave this. Nida: Your advice is unislamic. Khalifa: Well I say you leave this.

8:25 Nida: I am Nida, I am not Chacha Modi. If you want to take me out of your Ba’ait, you will have to take it away yourself. Khalifa: (…) Nida: I think you are compromised, someone else has put you in a difficult situation somehow. If you weren’t compromised, you wouldn’t be saying these things which are not of the calibre of the Khalifa. Khalifa: What is the point of staying in my Bai’at with me if you believe that I am giving incorrect and unislamic teachings? Nida: This is my choice and you cannot dictate my Bai’at. Khalifa: Well, I’m giving you a choice.

09:20 Nida: I‘m going to go to Huffington Post, everything will come in front of the world. Khalifa: The world will only talk about it for two or three days and then the issue will disappear. For your own respect, stay quiet. Nida: No. This is just your wish, and a misconception. The people who’ve put their hands on me must be punished. And you’re wrong to claim that I think I’m special, I’ve written in multiple letters to you that I am not even equal to the dirt underneath your shoes. You’ve made this loafer of a man like God. This man who you’ve put in the position of Nazir.

11:15 Nida: This man [Shah] who you’ve made Nazir Islah-o-Irshad [President, Anjuman Ahmadiyya Pakistan] shouldn’t be in this lofty position. Khalifa: Well that’s a different issue. Nida: He is my Nazir, I come underneath him, and sexual harassment is definitely happening? Khalifa: Giving him the benefit of the doubt, sexual harassment hasn’t happened. Nida: ASTAGFIRULLAH. Hadhrat Sahib, you shouldn’t be saying that.

12:20 Nida: Since this man [Mahmood Shah] got involved, you’ve dismissed my allegations about my father, my allegations about Chacha Mubashar. Nida: The investigation only began when the dog that is your brother-in-law got involved. Why didn’t you start it on 3rd March when I provided evidence? You’ve only started now it affects your House. Khalifa: How do you know when I started the investigation? Nida: Was this whole investigation was an act? Where is the result of it? Why were you crying for me last time, that a big injustice has been done to me? Was that an act?

13:15 Khalifa: Why don’t you leave your Ba’ait with me if you feel this way? Nida: That’s my choice. I’m not leaving my Bai’at with you. I know you wish I leave the Jamaat so you can say that this girl left the Ba’ait herself. Khalifa: Do you even know what Bai’at means? Nida: Yes, it means giving allegiance. Khalifa: No. It means you’ve sold yourself to me.

13:50 Nida: Well there’s a lot else being sold, like the Kanjar Kana (brothel) in Qasr-e-Khalifat [Khalifat house in Rabwah, Pakistan] – there’s a Red Zone running there, Amir is involved, Dr Mubashar is involved, Mahmood Shah, all working there, they’ve made a complete red light district. Khalifa: Amir bhai is involved? You didn’t mention him last time? Nida: Amir bhai, so many times I’ve told you! Amir couldn’t get an erection [when he tried to rape me], and I sprinted from the place and prayed. […] Khalifa: Well… you presented yourself to him. Nida: NEVER have I presented myself. Tell me of one time where I’ve ever presented myself to Amir Bhai? Khalifa: You told me last time, he couldn’t get ‘it’ up. Nida: I didn’t want to use the word erection in front of the Khalifa Waqt, it is shameful to me. He took me to his house, he tried to rape me, but he couldn’t get his erection. And I escaped. Khalifa: Right, so why didn’t you scream? Nida: You don’t understand. If you do some research on this topic, speak to my therapist, every victim has their own response. The very therapist that you sent me to yourself! Nida: I am a victim who has a freeze response when abuse happens. Because I’ve been molested since the age of one. Khalifa: Ok. Why didn’t you run away? Why did you come back to your Father’s house if the situation was so dire? Nida: Am I talking to an educated person? This [abuse] been happening since childhood. The rapes have happened for 8 years, sometimes multiple times per week, I have already been groomed to the point where she did not even pray for herself. Weekly. This birdcage I was in finally broke the last time this man tried to steal my happiness from me, and that’s when I exploded. I’ve already written in multiple letters that I’ve been left vomiting multiple times. Khalifa: Just be thankful you’re safe now. Keep your respect, it is in your best interest, there is nothing that will come of all this blaming. Nida: No, these are not punishments.

17:20 Nida: The British Court will decide who committed rape. And your words will also be brought to light there. Khalifa: What will the court decide? What did I say?

18:00 Nida: Everyone is tired of this Nizam [Administration], an Administration full of lying disbelievers, everyone is annoyed! Everyone in the Administration is corrupt.

19:10 Nida: I’m going ahead with court [Khalifa gets annoyed] Khalifa: Okay. If the Jamaat Administration now wants to comes after you, I won’t do anything. I will tell them whatever they want to do with you is fine. Nida: I’m not scared of you. I only fear God. Fine. Khalifa: If you feared God, you should of had it before. Nida: Why don’t you say that to them? Why don’t he say anything to those who he has given power to, to those that climb onto your back and use the influence to rape women? This is all happening under you. You gave your brother-in-law power. So much power that now even you are trembling in front of this loafer. Khalifa: Right, sure I’m trembling.

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