An anonymous Ahmadi posted this on reddit. It‘s an Ahmadi from the West explaining what the word on the street is in terms of the raping of Nida.

The testimony

So after hearing the audio my world was turned upside down. I am honestly broken and I feel betrayed. My whole identity seems like a lie now.

I reached out to some office holders and other Ahmadis for some guidance and just to see what they would say.

Here’s the basic summary I recieved from the Ahmadi office holders and other common Ahmadis:

  1. Nida is mental and a liar. (This is the main response)

  2. Let the authorities make the determination before making judgment.

  3. Hazur followed the Quran and Hadith

Now here’s where the tables turn against me or anyone who Questions the narrative:

4. Questioning Hazur is wrong and makes you a bad Ahmadi.

4. My Taqwa (fear of God) must be weak because I am entertaining this topic

5. My oath is to Hazur and if I am questioning his authority then my baith is broken.

6. Before questioning Hazur or other office holders you should look at yourself first. (An obvious insult)

7. Everything else said is the typical BS cult like behavior.

-It’s a Sunni conspiracy, -The Jamaat is being attacked as a test,

  • Opponents of Ahmadiyyat will be destroyed

Also I want to mention the utter arrogance and egos of these Ahmadis. They have a chip on their shoulders. I can’t wait until the truth slaps them in the face!

I don’t know what to believe anymore. I’m lost. I’m still debating whether or not Mirza Ghulam Ahmad is the Promised Messiah, but I am convinced the Nizaam (system) is broken.

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