Two of the three men (Mahmood Shah and Dr. Mubashar) who Nida Al-Nasser has accused of raping her have issued formal statements denying the accusations labelled in the Samaa news report. We have posted the statements from twitter in the below. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad and his team have also issued legal statements.

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Both have also mentioned that they are considering to take all legal avenues available to them.

*This is interesting. Quite a twist in the plot. Some questions that are raised from these statements:

  1. Why have both Dr and Shah waited so long after the Samaa news report to issue their intention to go to court? Surely they should have issued them straight away once the report was published if they vehemently deny any wrong doing?

  2. What kind of police investigation is taking place in UK or in Pakistan if key suspects are allowed to issue formal statements threatening to take legal action? Is this even legally allowed if an investigation is on going? Or has the investigation already come to an end and the suspects cleared of wrongdoing?

  3. Why are both ‘considering’ to take legal action and are not stating that they ‘will take legal action’? Surely they don’t need to consider taking legal action, rather they must take it at all costs to clear their names?

-It seems to me that both have just taken a chance and issued statements in order to get rid of some negative attention. What legal authority do Dr and Shah have?

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