In a strange twist of events, a woman named Nakasha Ahmad (who claims to be the daughter of Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad) has popped up on twitter and other sites in an attempt to defend her father from allegations of sexual flirtations with Nida Al-Nasser. It seems that in error, Rana Tanveer wrote that Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad was “trying to persuade her to have sex which she refused”. Nida Al-Nasser herself had to issue a public statement wherein she clarified that it was only flirtations and no sexual abuse. Nevertheless, this is first time we have heard of Nakasha Ahmad. We looked her up, she has been writing for the Review of Religions about 4 years ago. She seems to be an assistant editor, which is a classic case of the Mirza family giving one of their children a job in the hierarchy. Nakasha Ahmad’s response has also been published on the Muslims Times website. What Nakasha Ahmad didn’t address was as to why the Khalifa called Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad (his elder brother) as a lucha (which means out of control person with no morals). This is the key to the case. As we all know, in 2019, Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad had been very aggressive in his approach to Ahmadi’s in the USA, he accused young Ahmadi’s in America as experimenting with alcohol and other drugs. There is more also. Mirza Maghfoor Ahmad explains how young Ahmadi’s in America are leaving Ahmadiyya at an alarming rate. This story is also on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum.

Quote from the leaked audio transcript

41:20 Nida: And have you confronted Uncle Furi about his indecent flirtations?

Khalifa: No I haven’t.

Nida: Why not? Can’t deny that he was very inappropriate.

Khalifa: Fine, it was wrong… it was in 2018.

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