Khurram Shah supports Ahmadi’s no matter what! He doesn’t care what they do, they could be rapists, gamblers, alcoholics, druggies, or whatever, it doesn’t matter to Khurram Shah. Khurram Shah is always looking for a way out of something, he consistently defrauds the state of california and etc. Nevertheless, we have collected his comments here and have posted his specific comments on #JusticeforNida in the below.


Im not going to argue with you. I am going to post my opinion here and I will not go back and forth with anyone. Read the whole thing or not, dont troll me after this.

Before i make this long post I want to share an incident which I know most of you will not appreciate. However I will share it so you understand History and precedent and the slippery slope of history.

During the Khifat of Hadhrat Ali (ra) he was in the middle of one battle, its called “siffin”. During this battle the opposing side was losing so they decided on a trick. Their trick caused a portion of the Soilders of Ali (ra) to stop fighting and Sue Ali (ra) for arbitration. Their case was so impassioned that they even threatened to kill him. This group would be known later as the “Khwarij”. Later when this group realized their mistake they went to Ali (ra) and said we have done “Istigfar” and now you should also do “Istigfar”. Hadhrat Ali (ra) you forced me to go for “arbitration” it was not my mistake, it was your mistake. This group of men called the “Khwarij” would seperate themselves and fight against the Khalifa for many years to come, causing hundreds of casualties. Hadhrat Ali (ra) never fell into their trap and never accepted that he also made a mistake even it was by force. The Khwarij with ultimately send (Ibn Muljim) to kill Hadhrat Ali (ra) while he was going for morning prayers.


Here is the reality, and as you know my answers and the answers of ahmadi jutt are un official. My comments and answers are my opinion.

I can tell you from what I have heard and my experience you can take it for whatever its worth.

  1. Regarding a blogger you may be quoting, you should work on Justice for his ex wife also. Since Justice is the topic of the day. (The Jews used this tactic in the Bible. “They hid their iniquities by throwing dirt on their leaders or Prophets”) Get Justice for her.

  2. As I was saying in regard to what I have heard from people that were on the ground in some of these countries that mass numbers were reported.

    1. That villages were converting in mass

    2. and that the person that told me this was an eyewitness to this,

    3. That Ahmadis who saw this reported the numbers.

    4. Due to the zeal of these people they actually believed in what they were reporting.

    5. Due to this they convinced Khalifa tul Masih of their numbers, and there is nothing wrong in that.

    6. Khalifa tul Masih reports the number to Jamaat

    7. If Villages mass converted due to their chief accepting Ahmadiyyat, then it is possible that they could have mass “reverted” do to their chief “reverting”

    8. Why would the Chiefs revert? The answer is the Anti Ahmadiyya efforts that were made in those areas my other Muslims.

So in actual conclusion my opinion is that there were major mass conversions of whole villages and towns based on what a (Chief) decided. These mass conversion figures could have been inflated by over zealous Ahmadis. The reports of these were sent to Khalifa tul Masih (ra), they were compiled through whatever process was used. The figures were presented to Jamaat. So I do not agree that the conversions did not take place, only that the numbers could have been inflated.

So now lets address the issue of the Khalifa being right or wrong.

  1. He was presented figures which he subsequently reported, how does this probably works.

    1. The ameer of the Jamaat sending the report verifies it and sends it to London

    2. Its compiled in London and then given to Huzoor.

    3. Huzoor reports it to us at Jalsa Salana.

    4. The Khalifa cant be everywhere, you say he is the Capitan of the ship so he is at fault. Okay then sue him. Or if you want to litigate this in the court of public opinion then keep doing it.

    5. Jamaat will continue to build mosques.

    6. People who I know will continue to pay more chanda in one year than you make in one year.

    7. People who believe in God will continue to have a relationship with him.

    8. The world will keep circling around the sun.

    9. you will keep bringing this up in your circles and get frustrated as to why Ahmadis are so blind to this.

    10. Ahmadis that are blind to this will answer that our prayers are answered thats all we care for.

Your contention is that Khalifa should always go to where ever the report is being compiled and then verify everything.

  1. In a large community/country/state there are policies in place to review these things

  2. every leader relies on these policies and people in place for information

  3. You cant expect a president of a country to go himself and verify if a vaccine is working on a a certain set of individuals. he relies on the scientist and the reporting.

  4. He has to standby the reporting that is given to him.

  5. In very rare cases you will see a leader of any type second guess his subordinates, and when that does happen normally those people are removed from their positions or reprimanded.

  6. Finally none of you or I have gone to Africa/India to verify what happened. You are basing it off of hearsay, I am basing it off of an eye witness (Hearsay). No one here has first hand Knowledge of what happened.

  7. What we all know is that there is not 200 Million Ahmadis in the world. And what we know is that no one is claiming that at the current time.

Now the question I have in general to everyone is how did Jamaat benefit by this? Did the Jamaat threaten Pakistan with Invasion after these conversions? Did the Jamaat go and get a big loan from the International Monetary fund so that they could provide for these new entrants? How did the Jamaat benefit in the interim?

My answer, NONE.. Instead we got you here on reddit crying about the same old thing.



Shah jee, you have done your best to defend this situation and I thank you for that.

In all honesty, however, what you have proven is that the khalifa, the whole system of Jamaat, the followers and everyone else can be fooled for more than a decade without any interference from God.

I just don’t feel that based on your explanation anyone would even remotely consider the Khalifa to be rightly guided.

I dont need to say any more than what I have already said.

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