The Aaqa Ka Ghulam channel has found a new audio phone call between Nida and Shandy Shah. The recording can be heard here and here. Rana Tanveer has tweeted about it also. This seems to be a fuller version of the previous leaked audio with Shandy Shah. In the 24 minute audio, Shandy Shah seems to be trying to console Nida in a weird way. He talks about Nida’s mother again (Nida) and says that she is a broken woman. However, 20 years ago, she wasn’t. It seems that he was having sexy with her 20 years ago, during the life of Mirza Tahir Ahmad. In the previous audio he called her exquisite, this should be referenced as the 2000-2002 era. Shandy Shah also mentioned that the Khalifa is guilty of aiding and abetting. Nida also said that her mom treated like her a dog when she was growing up. Shandy also knows about Mahmood Shah and talks about someone in the US he wants Nida to talk to. For the sleuths out there: It’s someone active on Twitter who defended Naseer Shah a lot after his getting kicked out of MTA. And also says the person also knows a lot about Mahmood Shahs disgusting ways. It could be those Khandan internal politics. With a powerful position like the Khalifa probably has a lot of game of thrones style politics going on and maybe some people want Mahmood to be the next Khalifa and there is a faction against him. Anyways clearly Nida did the call to get more information because she has already gone to the police. So for Shandy to even reveal what he did is amazing.

The 24 minute audio phone call, Shandy Shah vs. Nida
The 12 minute version

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