Just a few hours ago, Affaf Azhar interviewed with Tahir Gora on TAGTV and explained #JusticeforNida. She talked about the Ahmadiyya asylum scandal in Malaysia. She also talks about the legal notice that she issued vs. the Ahmadiyya Movement in Canada. She also spoke about how all the main news outlets (BBC) refused to publish anything about #JusticeforNida. At about the 30:00 mark, the host asserts that Ahmadi’s are persecuted, which is a lie. She also talks about how converts to Ahmadiyya in the west are tricked into signing a bait form and paying chanda for 2 years before they can marry an Ahmadi woman/man.


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Leaked audio phone call of Mirza Masroor Ahmad discussing the raping of Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s grand-daughter, Nida

Affaf Azhar is also an Ex-Ahmadi

Currently, there are around 10,000 Ahmadi refugees/ asylum seekers in Malaysia, Thailand, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Liberia, Jordan and Turkey, among other countries


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