Shandy Shah is a top executive in the Ahmadiyya Movement, watch my video explanation on this herein. He seems to be the nephew of the 7th wife of 2nd Khalifa, Mehr Appa (unconfirmed), and thus, he is a cousin/nephew of the 4th Khalifa and roughly the same age as the current Khalifa, this also connects him to Fauzia Faizi. In 1982, he was already living in London. When Mirza Tahir Ahmad visited (September-October-1982) he spent lots of time with him. He was also there in 1984 when Mirza Tahir Ahmad and Mirza Luqman Ahmad and Faiza (and all of Mirza Tahir Ahmad’s inner circle) landed in London, in fact, he picked them up from the airport. In 1989, Shandy Shah gave an interview to the BBC about the centenary cycle marathon. Up to this point, its unclear where he worked at or what job he did. In 1994, he got a huge break, Rafiq Ahmed Hayat, who was Chairman of MTA, hired him to help with MTA. In January 1996, Shandy Shah was appointed as Chairman of MTA, by April, MTA was operating 24 hours for the first time. In 2001, Shandy Shah moved MTA to Sky Digital, which seems to be bigger satellite channel. When the Khalifa died in 2003, Shandy Shah was part of the inner circle, with Mirza Luqman Ahmad, Amir bhai and Dr. Noori as they planned how to announce the new Khalifa. Before Mirza Masroor Ahmad was officially elected, he was already giving orders and specifically gave the order to allow MTA to cover the election. In 2005, he accompanied the Khalifa to Mauritius for the Jalsa and gave a speech there. In 2011, he got caught drinking and driving by crime stoppers and this video was posted all over the internet. A few months later, he resigned from his position at MTA. In 2021, he is reported to have leaked the famous audio in terms of #JusticeforNida. In 2022, an audio of him talking dirty to Nida Al-Nasser surfaced, in this audio, Shandy Shah was bragging about having sex with 100’s of vulnerable Ahmadi women and even the mother (Faiza) of Nida Al-Nasser. Lastly, in late January 2022, the Ahmadiyya Movement began removing the name of Naseer Ahmad Shah from its articles, however, we were able to archive it. We have archived a tik tok clip of him in 2005 and he tells the world that he is ignorant and doesn’t deserve this job.


He is born, location is unknown.

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My first recollection of Mirza Tahir Ahmad was when he came to Birmingham in 1982. It was the first time he travelled to the UK after becoming Khalifa. Huzur was there for a day and attended a picnic in a park, where he also led prayers. One thing I will always remember was an incident just before the prayers. Huzur explained that he was going to offer Qasr and told the local members: “Remember one thing, you are not supposed to continue with the rest of the prayers until the Imam has completed the second salam”. That instruction has never left my

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I was also fortunate to see Huzur on the very day he had arrived in England following his migration from Pakistan. We received a call from London informing us that Huzur had
arrived and would be addressing the Jama’at the same evening. My car had broken down and we rushed around trying to hire another vehicle, and eventually reached London. As Tilawat
was being recited Huzur looked very exhausted. But as soon as he started speaking, he was as fresh as anything. I can remember his voice was hoarse and he kept asking for Kava (tea).The person responsible for the Kava had to keep changing as it wasn’t up to Huzur’s standards.

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I think the first impression I made on Huzur personally was during the centenary cycle marathon in 1989. I was interviewed for 10 minutes on BBC Daytime Live in Birmingham. When I returned to the mosque I received the shock of my life – the phone rang and it was Huzur ! He told me that he hadn’t watched the interview himself but was told I had done very well. It was so unexpected. I remember breaking down into tears after that.

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In 1993, a basketball tournament was organized in Birmingham and Huzur graced the event with his presence. Huzur spent three hours with us and it was an extremely special occasion for the Birmingham Jama’at.


In 1994, Rafiq Ahmed Hayat Sahib, who was Chairman of MTA at that time, asked me to take up some work in the department. A year later there were problems with the satellites, so Huzur
asked Rafiq Sahib to find an appropriate person to investigate other satellite contracts. I was included in this team. At the time I didn’t have a clue about the industry or about transponders and footprints. Can you believe our first point of call was to look through the Yellow Pages?! That’s how naïve we were, but it proves that this is all Allah’s work and not man’s doing. Huzur’s prayers made it all possible. I believe that Huzur could have put any one in this position and
they would have been successful.

Statistics from MTA
Programme Started Ended Number of programmes
Reply to Allegations: 18th Jan 1994 14th July 1994 37 Programmes.
Homeopathy Class: 23rd March 1994 2nd Jan 1997 198 programmes.
Qur’an Class 15th July 1994 24th Feb 1999. 305 programmes
Liqa Maal Arab Class 17th July 1994 5 October 2000. 472 classes, which include a few that
Ataul Mujeeb Rashed presented.
Urdu Class 21st July 1994 6th April 2003. 520 Classes + 7-8 Special classes
Childrens Class 23rd July 1994 5th April 2003. Approx 300.
French Mulaqat 13th July 1997 14th April 2003 209 classes
Bangla Mulaqat 19th Oct 1999 1 5th April 2003. 128 classes

1994 was a milestone in the history of MTA. It was then that the 24 hour broadcast started and most of the Class’s and Mulaqat programmes began.

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In January 1996, I was appointed as Chairman of MTA. Huzur went to Leicester for a Question and Answer Session and had asked me on the phone earlier if I was going to be there too. When I arrived there, Bashir Sahib said that he had something for me. He brought out a box of mattai (sweets) and said it was from Huzur to me. Huzur called me into a private room before the event and told me he was giving me the responsibility. I replied that I was very weak and I
couldn’t do it, but Huzur emphatically stated:“Nahin, nahin, aap karlingai, insha’Allah” (No,no, you will be able to do it, God-willing).Huzur then asked me a few questions regarding the satellites, and when I answered he said I had learnt a lot. But Huzur was saying this just to boost my confidence. I was so overwhelmed due to the responsibility that I had been given.
Huzur was guiding us and giving instructions all the time. On one occasion Huzur sat down with me and he drew the shape of a dish and explained the physics behind it! That’s how he guided us, but of course his prayers were always with us.

One of the most wonderful and historic moments was on April 1, 1996, when Huzur launched the 24-hour global transmission of MTA. Huzur used to pray so hard for this. I remember that on the eve of that day, the special dish antenna that we required and had arranged to be delivered from Ireland was too big to fit on the ferry. If we had transmitted with the smaller antennae, it would have meant that our transmission would have interfered with the neighbouring channels.

When I approached Huzur about this problem, he calmly said: “Find another one”. So I contacted our American satellite company and got through to the director while he was on holiday on his boat. I told him the situation and emphasised that we had to be on air the next day. The director phoned the satellite control room in Washington and told them to allow us to transmit from our existing antennae! So the following day we managed to transmit across the airwaves. This is how Allah gave us the help from people that had no concern with us or Islam.

Power of Prayer
A few days prior to the start of Jalsa Salana 1997, there was a robbery in one of my shops in Birmingham. I wrote to Huzur requesting prayers as the staff were also very much upset. Huzur’s reply was: “Don’t worry, ‘OUR’ robbers will be caught”. Amazingly, after just a few weeks, the police found not only the stolen till but the robbers themselves. Prior to that there had been numerous similar incidents with no one ever being caught by the police. This is how Allah listened to Huzur’s prayers.

A Personal Moment
One incident that sticks in my mind was when we had put up first right of refusal for the global beam which covers Africa and Asia together. That was also booked by another large company
and we were waiting for their right of refusal to expire. Huzur was praying and waiting so that we could then broadcast to these parts of the world. We learned at the end of the working day in America (around 11pm here) that we had got the global beam. It was Ramadhan so I decided not to inform Huzur that night, but to wait until the following morning.

When I called Huzur at 9am to tell him the news, I thought he would be excited. However, he sounded very calm and asked: “Tell me the news”. So I told Huzur that we had got the global beam and congratulated him. Huzur was still calm and also congratulated me. But I could
not sense any excitement in his voice. I was still confused as to why Huzur remained so calm, since he had been praying so hard for it and had even mentioned it in the previous Friday Sermon.

When Huzur realised that I had become quiet, he asked me when I had heard about the decision. I replied that I had been informed the previous night but that I did not want to
disturb Huzur so late, considering it was Ramadhan. Huzur then told me he had remained awake, and that whenever the phone rang he thought it was me calling to give me some news. When I heard this, it made me feel that I should dig a hole and go into it! Here was the Khalifa of the time, waiting and staying awake for my call. That showed how much concern he had for the Jama’at. Huzur then said that, as my punishment, it was my responsibility to bring the mattai!

Sky Digital

In April 2001, I very timidly suggested to Huzur that we had an opportunity to move onto Sky Digital and that millions of homes could have access to MTA. I also realised the financial aspect of it. Huzur saw the huge potential of MTA on Sky and he knew that most Asian families had Sky satellite receivers at home. After looking at the figures Huzur gave his approval without hesitation.

I was called upstairs by Sahibzada Mian Luqman Sahib around 10am. Amir Sahib and Dr Noori Sahib were also there. I was told to sit down and then given the news. I went numb for a
moment. Amir Sahib reminded me that there were things for me to do and from that moment I went into the mode of having to do things rather than ponder over the shock of what had

The first thing I did was to secure MTA. The transmission carried on as normal until Munir Ahmad Javaid Sahib, the Private Secretary, made the formal announcement. At that time, the
boys in the control room, who were filming the announcement, did not know. Whilst the announcement was being made, the control room erupted into tears and cries of pain.
After the announcement, everyone just went into top gear. It was a time when the Khalifa was not there so I was referred to Sahibzada Mian Masroor Sahib, who was Nazir-e-Aala at the time
and had arrived from Rabwah the following day. I asked him if we should transmit live proceedings from London. He replied in the affirmative. That was the only guidance we received at that time. He did not find himself in the position to give instructions which only a Khalifa could. It was Allah’s guidance, the training that Huzur had given to us and sheer commitment of
the team that enabled us to fulfil the tasks that lay ahead of us. I must pay tribute to everyone in MTA and particularly my two deputies, Nadeem Karamat Sahib and Malik Ishfaq Sahib, whom I consulted during that difficult period.

Huzur took so much personal interest in everyone’s work around him. It was that extreme affection which affected all of us. Everybody can recollect something which is unique about
their time with Huzur .


Shandy Shah aka Naseer Ahmad Shah flew to Mauritius and gave a speech at the Jalsa. In this speech, he described his work with MTA, specifically when the Khalifa died in 2003. Recorded on 4th December 2005. Mirza Masroor Ahmad was there too.

About 10 years ago, the chairman of Muslim Television Ahmadiyya (MTA) was shown on the BBC as a person who flipped their car and almost died. As the police arrived on the scene, they smelled the stench of alcohol  on Naseer Shah’s (aka Shandy Shah) breath. The officer asked Naseer Shah if he had been drinking, he replied in the negative, however, a breathalyzer was brought and he was tested for DUI. Naseer Shah tested positive for alcohol, however, the rating was so low that he wasn’t arrested for DUI (watch this video). Nevertheless, he seems to have lost his job as chairman thereafter. This video spread all over British TV and forced the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad to take action. You can see his corporate profile herein. This is additional proof which proves that the inner circle of the Khalifa is corrupt.

He was reciting poems in-front of high ranking Ahmadi’s in this video.

He leaked the famous audio of Nida Al-Nasser.

new audio phone called has leaked today between Naseer Shah (Shandy Shah) and Nida Al Nasser (the video has been removed, however, we have made a copy). Nida has categorically denied these screenshots. In this audio, Naseer Shah tells Nida that he has had sex with Nida‘s mother (Faiza) many times. Nida jokes that Naseer Shah is still getting erections at age 61. This was also posted on the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit forum. This seems to have been leaked by pro-Khilafat Ahmadi’s who are trying to prove that Nida was a prostitute or something like that. However, the reality is that her father (Mirza Luqman Ahmad) has been arranging for her to have sex with many men over for over 20 years. This is why Nida said that she is no innocent, however, she was groomed as such, she was groomed to be sexually promiscuous as most people from the Mirza family are.

An Al-hakam article which mentioned Syed Naseer Ahmad Shah was edited by the Ahmadiyya troll machine. It started off as, “”””Then Chairman of MTA, Syed Naseer Shah Sahib wrote to Huzooraa requesting him to grace the occasion. Huzooraa instructed that we should …”””. 

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