Just a few hours ago, the full 24 minute audio of Shandy Shah vs. Nida was released by the Aaqa Ka Ghulam channel. Another 12-m,inute version of it has also appeared. This prompted Nida Al Nasser to respond on her twitter account. There is another youtube channel which has posted it herein. In the 24 minute full audio, Nida is asking him questions about his relationships specifically with her mom. She asks him if he loves her etc etc. He keeps bringing up the situation with the rapes and he suggests she speak to a man in the US that can help her (an ex-murrabi, last name Butt). She states she doesn’t want any harm to fall on Hazoor.. and is worried about aiding and abetting etc. He states this is ridiculous he cannot be charged with that and tells her to be weary of who she asks for advice/trusts. She a couple of times tries to go back to the relationship issue and the issue with his past with her mom. She states her relationship with him is emotional and she doesn’t care what he does sexual with others. She asks for confirmation that he loves her… etc. He brings her back to the topic and says he is with her and her cause and she says what cause is that she has no cause.. he says the cause to remove corruption from jamaat. She says that’s what she wants..

I may have missed stuff I’m just going off my memory of the conversation.. so it’s not a word for word translation just a gist.

The full 24 minute audio

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