Masoor says Jamaat have their own Justice courts all over the world and their decisions are final word, Khalifa Will NOT review any appeal because these courts have unconditional authority to decide fate of followers. The Qadha board was started in 1919 by the 2nd Khalifa and in Qadian. A man named Sardar Muhammad Rana is the president of the Qadha board in all of Pakistan. Dr. Zahid Khan is the president of Qadha Board in the UK, which is highly illegal. At one point, the Khalifa says that he told the Qadha board of Qadian (in 2005) to not send their decisions to London, to keep them stored in India. He also said that there would be no more appeals in terms of the decision of the Qadha board. The ROR of Sep-1942 reports on a speech by Zafrullah Khan wherein he admits that the Qadha board was setup so that Ahmadi’s could solve their problems outside of the law. 

Bhatti vs. Bhatti—2004

Dr Saheed Olurotimi Timehin, a member of Qadha Board Ahmadiyya Muslim Jama’at Nigeria.
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