Just a few days ago, Rabwah times reported that a 19 year-old Ahmadi girl, named Rabia Kanwal was murdered by her own Ahmadi brothers in an honor killing. The Allegiant youtube channel posted the FIR (see in the below) and the gave some coverage. They stabbed her to death upwards of 20+ times. This happened in the Darul Uloom area of the holy city of Rabwah, aka Chenab Nagar. Even the famous Nida al-Nasser tweeted about this and how both of the Khalifa’s brother-in-law’s are controlling all of Rabwah, Khalid Shah and Mahmud Shah (Nazir e Ala and Nazir Islah O Irshad). You can also listen to Brother Ali talking about this in Urdu herein (38:57 mark).


I’m very saddened to hear about the murder of a girl in Rabwah. This is all happening under the noses of Nazir e Ala and Nazir Islah O Irshad – two of the top main posts in Rabwah of both which belong to Hazoor’s brother in laws, Khalid Shah and Mahmood Shah.

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