Humanity First’s Director is identified on their website. The same person is the director at Address on the website points to a Chantilly, VA address.But Google the same and youll find this address Google it in Guatemala and you’ll get a different name (HF Healthcare L3C). When Mirza Tahir AHmad started Humanity First it was suppose to independent of jamaat.. Hazoor was not suppose to be involved in who gets put in what position right? .. (that is my understanding) but that no longer happens. Hazoor puts every high official in their positions (including Majid Khan -president of humanity first healthcare…Hazoor’s own relative). Islam requires justice, transparency, and accountability in financial matters. This is discussed in quran, Hadith, research articles and through the history of the holy prophet Muhammad saw.. as Ahmadis most of us have donated to HF for decades.. it is our right to be suspicious of nepotism and a lack of transparency.. and convoluted money funneling.

Founded in the year 2000 ( Not 2017 as their website says. Then let’s Google this new name and what comes up is a PPP loan…but this time in Illinois. When Humanity First applied for a non profit stats in Guatemala, it was shown to have been incorporated in Illinois. (you will have to use Google translate)

So a low profit company that creates FOR profit hospitals, by funding through a NON profit needs a PPP loan? interestingly one of the docs that HF likes to pump up is from illinois. I don’t know if there’s a connection. more on the inconsistencies in Illinois later.

Other for profit hospitals run by Jamaat that i currently know of:

  1. FazleOmar hospital Rabwah

  2. Tahir Heart Institute Rabwah (built by same director)

  3. Nasir Hospital (built by same director)

The Director of Corporate Governance and Director of IT both are partners at Datawiz Corporation n and Does data wiz do pro bono work for this low profit corporation? Who gets a share of the “low” profits? Do doctors share in profits like they do in Pakistan?

The doctors at both Rabwah hospitals receive “profit sharing” schedules based on seniority. It creates a lot of hell for the new docs because the older ones don’t want to share their profits. Nuri is a famous doc who makes the lions share from Tahir Heart. Fazl e Omar has their own docs who share profits. Nuri even had his son Khalid doin procedures in Tahir Heart even though he wasn’t fully trained/certified then. Khalid leaves his experience at Tahir Heart off his resume.

Illinois is also where one of the volunteer docs is listed as Kaleem Malik. He also shows up as a CEO of Trilab. His linkedin claims that he has been with humanity first started so maybe that’s why hf is originally filed in Illinois? Lets talk about Younus Ismail whose office seems to have been built by HF healthcare. So our low profit corporation also made a healthcare facility to serve Section, Alabama?, Younus Ismail is also the director of Amma (AMMA?)


I was just digging around on charity navigator regarding humanity first USA, and saw links to the irs form 990 filings (all publically available). I have not scoured these yet, but if people have an interest or a background in accounting (I certainly don’t), scour away. The 2019 form has an interesting reference to hfhealthcare, as 100 percent owned and “disregarded” as a separate entity. I’m not sure what this means in accountant-speak, I would welcome any clarifications.

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