In this tik tok, the Ahmadiyya Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad explains the functions of the uterus to underage girls (Nasirat). This was a pre-planned question, the Khalifa asks an older female doctor (Dr. Kishwer Malik, allegedly on twitter as @Kishwer_Malik1) for a question. The Khalifa was in Germany for 2+ weeks, mostly for the Jalsa, this was published on 8-18-2015 by the mtaonline youtube channel (retrieved on 2-23-22). Dr. Kishwer Malik, (allegedly on twitter as @Kishwer_Malik1) reached out to me and claimed that the girls were aged 16–30, they were Lajna and not Nasirat. Nevertheless, its still inappropriate. Dr. Malik has a blog too. Furthermore, this question was screened and an answer was prepared and given to the Khalifa, this can be easily noticed as the Khalifa gives answers prematurely in his response. The Khalifa seems to be caught off guard in terms of the uterus question, however, he quickly says that some uteruses shrink. We have archived a similar instance wherein the Khalifa Mirza Masroor Ahmad explains to teenage Ahmadi girls about donating their eggs (ovaries).

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