Read our detailed work on the similarities between Bahai’s and Ahmadi’s. We have found additional similarities, in fact, there was a bait fraud in the Bahai’s, the eclipses happened for the Bahaullah, and many other similar things. We have also found a relevant quote in the March-April-May-1922 edition of the ROR.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________—-Looks like they have their own ‘Ba’ait numbers’ crisis –

Furthermore, doesn’t the Jamaat use the fact that an Eclipse took place as testament to the PM being the Imam Mahdi? Apparently an eclipse also took place during Ramadan whilst the Bahai’Ullah was alive in 1872 and 1873. Remember, the Promised Messiah stated that never before had there been an eclipse for someone claiming to be the Mahdi during their lifetime.

—They even have an Ex-Bahai forum where there are posts about Bahai being a cult! – The first post on that sub reddit is around their cult like tendencies –

 u/OUTSIDE_THE_BOXX has created a post on the Bahai’s here –

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