As we continue to prove that Ahmadiyya is dying in the west, we continue to find more and more evidence which proves that 90% of the very few converts to Ahmadiyya from the West are via love marriages with Ahmadi girls. Meet Tony, he met his wife at work, he was going through many personal issues. This Ahmadi girl gave him therapy and helped him, they then fell in love and got married (see tik tok). Thus, he converted to Ahmadiyya (see the full video herein, 11:50 mark).

Men are so desperate in the west to appease their girlfriends, this also happened with the Mahershalla Ali. This reinforced the comments by Ahmadi murrabi Afzal Mirza from a few years ago, wherein he explained the same idea, i.e., most men that convert to Ahmadiyya is because of Ahmadi girls.

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