The Mirza family and the Ahmadi mullahs have a long history of lying about their number of converts. However, for the first time ever, the Khalifa, Mirza Masroor Ahmad announced the number of converts from America, Canada, Germany and the UK in any single year (starting at the 1:03:07 mark). Even though the Khalifa has finally announced bait figured per country and an overall number of 112,179, which is down almost 400% in contrast to 2018-2019, these are all still lies. Especially in Africa, people aren’t willfully converting to Ahmadiyya anywhere in Africa, they may only be converting for free school and medical attention. In fact, Fisher described Ahmadiyya in Africa as a British-Maritime-Implantation, in fact, wherever the British government went, Ahmadiyya mullahs tagged along and the Mirza family got paid. To read the history of how Ahmadiyya mullahs/Mirza family have lied about converts see here. What’s interesting here, most Ahmadi’s think that Ahmadiyya is growing….however, the numbers don’t lie. If you look at Africa, almost 100,000 converts to Ahmadiyya from Africa. In fact, that is roughly 90% of all converts to Ahmadiyya. We are left with 12,000 (10%). Of the remaining 10%, Asia comprises 3-4% (3000-4000k people). That leaves about 7-8% from Europe, Australia and the entire western hemisphere. Converts to Ahmadiyya in Pakistan weren’t even discussed. Finally, even these numbers are lies, that Africa number is a sham equal to that of Lance Armstrong. Furthermore, that leaves barely 12,000 converts to Ahmadiyya in one year, we suspect that the number is really 1000 in total, 1000 humans converted to Ahmadiyya in the 2019-2020 Ahmadiyya fiscal year. Read our full analysis on the growth of Ahmadiyya from 1889 to 2020 here.

Finally, it should be noted that even Ahmadi mullah’s have admitted that no one is converting to Ahmadiyya in Canada, only fake conversions for marriage.


Nigeria—————————–25k converts
Cameroon————————13k converts
Sierra Leone———————13k converts
Ivory Coast———————–10k converts
Mali———————————-10k converts
Senegal——————————5k converts
Congo——————————–4k converts
Tanzania—————————-3k converts
Guinea-Bissau——————-3k converts
Congo-Brazzaville————-4k converts
Liberia——————————–2k converts
Inni Karakaree???————-1500 converts
Niger——————————–1500 converts
Benin——————————-1000 converts
Ghana——————————1000 converts
Malawi—————————–1000 converts
Chad———————————900 converts
Uganda—————————–800 converts
Sao Tome and Principe—-
=======================100,000 converts from Africa alone. 
_____________________________________________________________________________________________Europe and the America’s

The UK——-100

India————1700 converts
the rest of asia–300

The video
Starting at the 1:01:58 mark

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