Imran Jattala with @Ahmadiyytimes is getting attacked by the newly married Damon Stengel, who is also an office holder in the Osh Kosh jamaat of Qadiani-Ahmadi’s. Khurram Shah attacked him about 4 months ago after Nida’s audio shook the world of Ahmadiyya. Imran Jattala was asking about the 2nd Khalifa and his fetish for you young girls, he was specifically referring to the writings of the 2nd Khalifa and how he approved of child marriage. Imran Jattala argued that Aisha was 19 when she married Muhammad (saw) and thus, this wasn’t a child marriage. Damon and other Ahmadi’s began accusing Imran Jattala of opposing Islam. However, Imran Jattala doesn’t know that even MGA argued that Aisha was 9 and even at 7, marriage was ok.

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