MGA was married at a very young age, 12-13, his sons were also married off very young, in fact, in a farming economy, this is the norm.  However, in the 21st century, this norm has been abandoned.  Many Muslims have argued that the norms of farming economies don’t need to be followed, in fact, almost all Muslim countries don’t allow anyone to be married under the age of 16 by 2017However, Ahmadis have always been changing their position on many islamic issues, and then they lie about it.  With the case of the Age of Aisha at marriage, we have the same situation.  Since at least the 1960’s, Ahmadiyya sources have been telling us that Aisha was 19 when she got married to Muhammad (saw), however, previous Ahmadiyya sources argued that she was 12.  When we present this info to ahmadis, they refuse to answer, then they cry persecution.

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Anwar ul Uloom by Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad

“””Muslims do not need any laws which prohibit what has been allowed by the Shariat and Islam. Interference with what has been permitted is an extremely bad thing. One such thing is marriage in childhood which is becoming less and less customary. Marriage in childhood comes with certain conditions such as when the girl reaches an age of maturity she may refuse such a marriage. This was something that the prophet himself had practiced. Aisha’s Rukhsati (bride leaving her parents home) took place when she was 12 years old. Arabs used to mature earlier. Aisha had a special status. If she had been older she would not have spent much time with the prophet and we would not have the benefit of her insight and service to Islam. To stop something that the prophet permitted and practiced is an important issue. I (the author) say we should stop child marriage on a temporary basis until muslims stop taking advantage of this permission.

Governments should be told about the defects of these laws and what the dangers for Muslims are. If the governments say we should not interfere in such matters, then we can be assured and we can tolerate this.”””

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