Via the islam_Ahmadiyya reddit page, we have come to learn about an incident with the Ahmadiyya Jamaat in Germany wherein they lambasted their own female member after she organized a promotional event for her cosmetic products and she invited a popular musician as well. A lot of other ahmadi Lajnas in support attended too for her business, turns out, Jamaat issued a full publication against her and her event as it contradicts “Haya” and “Parda”. She also received several hate messages by Jamaat members telling her to go die as they don’t need members like her in the community. You can find the full article in German herein. We have posted the english translation in the below. It should be remembered that German Ahmadi’s killed their own daughter a few years ago for having a Muslim boyfriend.

_____________________________________________________________________________________________ Google translation of the article on the Instagram page

“””Jamaat Germany has been informed that there are Ahmadi entrepreneurs organizing events to promote their products. In one case, such a promotional event was attended by Ahmadi members, even though it was clear in advance that a visit would be contrary to the values ​​of the Jamaat doctrine.

If singers are invited to an event and cheering spectators move to the music, this contradicts the commandment of the “Haya” and the Pardah.

Every Ahmadi should be aware that such an atmosphere is not conducive to one’s spiritual development and one should not support such an event with one’s own presence. Especially when the event is organized by an Ahmadi, it is sad to see that the teachings of Islam have obviously not been understood and internalized.

Young Ahmadis who, dazzled by the apparent rise of such entrepreneurs, support such events via social media or on-site, should be encouraged to think critically about what true success is and what the function of the Pardah commandment is.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community teaches putting Allah above all worldly things and pursuing a spiritual path. This can only succeed if the commandments of Allah are observed. Worldly success that accepts ignoring the limits of Islam is by no means desirable and only short-lived.

Many people succeed, but their wealth does not lead them to attain the love and closeness of Allah if they are willing to ignore the wisdom of the Holy Quran for their career. Those who wish to attain satisfaction in this life as well as in the next must understand that true greatness lies in surrendering to Allah.”””

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